Social Media As A Networking Tool

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How to use LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging and other tools in networking


<ul><li> 1. Social Media <br />- As a Networking Tool<br />Kay Roseland<br />Shareology<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. First Steps<br />Pick the tools you want to flourish on<br />Dont try to be on all sites<br />Googleis Forever!<br />As is Twitter, Facebook, etc.<br /> 3. Sites Im focusing on<br />LinkedIn<br />Twitter<br />Blog - Shareology<br />Minimal participation<br />Facebook<br />YouTube<br /> 4. Sites by popularity<br />Facebook157 million visitors /month<br />LinkedIn94 million<br />Twitter94 million<br />MySpace19 million<br /> 5. Total Users<br />Facebook750million <br />Twitter300million<br />LinkedIn90million<br />Google +25million<br /> 6. Facebook<br />750 million users worldwide<br />70% of users are outside the US<br />229 = average number of friends per user<br />55 minutes a day = average time spent per user<br />Significant business use = Fans= Like!<br /> 7. LinkedIn<br />Update your profile from your resume<br />Import your yahoo, gmail addresses and email each appropriate contact with a short, specific note attached<br />Please be my contact at LinkedIn; I met you at Social Media Breakfast.<br /> 8. LinkedIn cont.<br />Give recommendations<br />Ask for recommendations<br />Both need to be sincere, articulate <br />Answer questions in your <br />area of expertise<br />Groups are golden!!!<br />Status line is strong tool<br /> 9. Twitter<br />Hashtagsare golden#<br />Finding People try no spaces<br />Kay Roseland and KayRoseland<br />Follow thought leaders<br />Follow people on lists<br /> 10. Blog<br />Build your community/audience on:<br />LinkedIn<br />Twitter<br />Start with 3 5 posts<br />Post regularly (once a week minimum)<br />LinkedIn groups are golden!!!<br /> 11. Blogging Platforms<br />WordPress<br />Blogger (owned by Google)<br />TypePad<br />Tumblr<br /> 12. Finding the Hidden Job Market<br />70% - 85%of jobs are not listed on monster, careerbuilder, etc.(HJM)<br /> 13. 3 Key Points<br />Be positive<br />Hang around with employed people<br />Give more than you get <br /> 14. One final thought.<br />There are times when it is hard to believe in the future, when we are temporarily just not brave enough. When this happens, concentrate on the present. Cultivate le petit bonheur (the little happiness) until courage returns.<br />Look forward to the beauty of the next moment, the next hour, the promise of a good meal, sleep, a book, a movie, the likelihood that tonight the stars will shine and tomorrow the sun will shine. Sink roots into the present until the strength grows to think about tomorrow. <br />Ardis Whitman<br /> 15. Or:In the words ofScarlett OHara..<br />Tomorrow is another day..<br /><br />@KayLoire<br />Shareology at:<br /> <br /></p>