Social Media and Reputation Management Survival Action Kit

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Kerry Rego, Social Media Trainer Educator and Speaker, presented and hosted the event "Risks and Reputation Management: Using Social Media to Protect Your Brand" on March 13, 2012. She covered the definition of social media, shocking statistics on social media use and reputation management, basic categories of tools, simple strategies for use, obstacles, ways to deal with online negativity, and action items to take. Visit for the full list.

Text of Social Media and Reputation Management Survival Action Kit

  • 1. Social Media SurvivalAction KitKerry Rego Consulting

2. Social Media, A Definition:Social media use web-basedtechnologies to transform andbroadcast media monologuesinto social media dialogues.Wikipedia 3. What Happens in VegasImage courtesy of Las Vegas Real Estate Authoritydoesnt stay there thanks to social media. 4. Image courtesy of Reply MCIn a 2010 study by Microsoft & Cross Tab MarketResearch, 70% of U.S. recruiters have rejectedcandidates based on their online reputation thoughonly 7% of Americans believe their online reputationaffects their job search. 5. First Page of Search Results 85% never get off the first page! Internet Reputation ManagementData byCompete, Jacob Nielsen, OptifyImage 6. Why is Social Media Important? Facebook845m users Twitter 250m tweets/day YouTube 4b+ views/day LinkedIn150m users Google+ 90m users Pinterest 11.7 usersLogos courtesy of Aquaticus 7. GOAL 8. Basic Social Media Strategy Goal Tools, Research Routine Measure Adjust Persist 9. Obstacles Time Labor Lack of Control Lack of Knowledge 10. Customers & NegativityHow do you deal with it normally?Listen, respond, reactProvide customer service & surveyCollect reviews on the spotControl is an illusion 11. Image courtesy of ThemeParkRadioSocial Media is all about conversation.Even if youre not there, well talk about you anyway. 12. Action Items Do a vanity search Respond to negative comments Setup Google Alerts Setup Google Places & other directories Legacy Management/Process & Crisis Plan Assess Computer Systems security Create a Crisis Plan Setup Social Media Communications Policy Survey for customer service Review your website 13. THANK YOU! Kerry Rego Consulting707.520.4572