Social Media 101 to 201: Getting Started & Maintaining

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Speaker: Alyson Joyce


<p> 1. 1 Social Media 101 to 201 with Alyson Joyce 2. Social/Influence Marketing @Engauge Otherwise known as Alyson from Nutrish Prior, Social and PR @Mullen Pittsburgh, PA I LOVE my job About Me 3. 3 For Tweeting along: @MrsAlysonJoyce #barkworld 4. 1. How people engage on Twitter 2. How YOU should engage with people on Twitter 3. How people engage on Pinterest 4. How YOU should engage with people on Pinterest 5. Q&amp;A Contents 5. How do people engage on Twitter? The Basics: User Handle Hashtags #barkworld Direct Messages Retweets Using Retweet increases the retweet rate 23 times Using RT increases the Retweet rate 10 times Why are consumers on Twitter? Customer Service Interacting with celebrities/brands/blogs that interest them 6. How Brands/Influencers should Engage on Twitter Define your roles and goals as a brand or influencer. Who are you? Define your brand/blog voice and tone. What do you want your fans to learn from your content? Is there a specific action you want to influence? Develop a content strategy, based on your knowledge &amp; interactions of your fan base What is a content strategy? Monitor fan responses to content to optimize what you are tweeting Dakota Sheltie Loves Nutrish Has a cat brother, Cody Passionate about Rescue 7. Everyday practices Tweet Often 3-5 times per day Tweet during the daytime Tweets between 8am-7pm see 30% increase in engagement rate Keep it short and sweet Tweets less than 100 characters see an increase in engagement of 17% Focus on two-way communication using @replies and mentions 8. Create your network Identify who you want to associate with: Participate in Twitter chats that interest you (#petchat) Follow lists that pertain to the subject matter you blog about Utilize hashtags that fit within your brand/blog personality Utilize proactive searches to see who is talking about your brand/blog Retweet the content of those who you admire/want to be known to Cross-promotion across other owned presences/Twitter friends 9. Puppies 10. 10 and 11. How do people engage on Pinterest? The Basics: User Pages Boards Ways to organize content Follow brand and/or boards Repins, likes and comments Why are consumers on Pinterest? Inspiration for the important elements of their life Example: their pets, weddings, food and recipes 12. How should brands/influencers engage on Pinterest? Define your roles and goals as a page. Be sure your boards match your content strategy You CANT just post puppies Why are you posting that content on your page How does it connect back to your brand? Balance the ratio of pins and repins 13. Driving Engagement on Pinterest Drive followers to web properties Use the source designation to send people to your online properties Identify key influencers whose content makes sense for your boards/content strategy for repinning and following Interact with pins that relate to your content Search for pins from your website Search for other pins that relate to your category/industry Comment/like/repin 14. Pinterest Promotions Several ways to use a promotion to drive engagement Pin it to Win it Harder to track Pin from a Facebook app Requires lots of dev and sometimes a vendor Make your own themed board Asks a lot of a consumer Promotion cant survive on Pinterest alone Plan for an e-blast, paid advertising, etc. 15. 15 Measure &amp; Optimize 16. 16 Q &amp; A </p>


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