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This session was provided in a computer lab setup for mid level and higher Cooperative Extension administrators.


<ul><li>1.Social Media 101 Facilitators: Anne Mims Adrian @aafromaaeXtension Alabama Cooperative Extension System Karen Craig Tuskegee UniversityJoy Moten-ThomasFort Valley State University Southern Region Program Leaders Network August 21, 2012</li></ul> <p>2. A Twitter feed? 3. What is social media? 4. Curation Collecting, filtering and making sense of information and putting findings into contextScoop.itSummifyPinterest BloggingGoogle Plus Others 5. Some benefits of social media ore ing.Reaching new audiencess m s calIt i nthaReaching existing audiences in new, engaging ways Building relationships with new and existing clientele Building personal learning networks Rapid response to emerging situations 6. Extensions role"help people think critically, interpret, analyze and applyinformation they gather from all of the different platforms."Use available free tools to do our work better.Social media tools helps make our content more discoverable.Eli Sagor, Extension Specialist and Forester, University ofMinnesota 7. Possible personal goalsImprove my own professionaland personal development.Listen to others and be opento many views and ways of communicating.Collaborate with others (colleagues and local partners).Bridge and maintain relationships with my current (local)clients.Listen to and engage in clientele I might not normallyengage with. 8. Challenges to social media 9. Relax and experiment 10. Create Google Alertsfor your name, your organization, and your topics 11. Social media applications to tryFacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestGoogle PlusScoop.itDiigoPearltrees 12. Create a Twitter accountDepending on the social media tool, an account be createdfor an individual, a team, or an organization.Today in Twitter we will practice with creating an individualaccount. 13. Create a Twitter accountThink of an account name. Use your own name. Dont usea lot of numbers.Use a strong password.Complete your profile.Upload a photo.Dont make your Twitter account private. There areexception, but you want people to find you and conversewith you easily. 14. Send your first tweetUse the hashtag #PLN12 15. Anatomy of a Tweet 16. Start following people in TwitterFind a few people you know and follow people they follow.Use Bobby Fletcher @bhfjr1 as the example today. 17. Start following people in this workshopFind them by searching on the #PLN12Go to Twitter Search and Search for #PLN12Follow people who have used the #PLN12 hashtag. 18. Reply to someoneHover over a tweet and you will see options. Use the Replybutton. Then respond. 19. Retweet a tweetRetweet is "duplicating" someone tweets. It is the easiestway to share someone elses tweet.It will show up on your timeline indicating retweeting givingfull credit to the original tweet. 20. Mention someone in a tweet 21. Make Twitter easierInstall a Twitter app for your computer.TweetdeckHootsuiteInstall a Twiiter app for your smartphone.Twitter AppTweetdeckHootsuiteSend a few special Twitters tweets as SMS (text) messagesto your phone 22. Make Twitter much easier.Utilize columns to manage tweets. 23. What is and why do people use hashtags with #Used to organize organicallyUsed to catergorize or congregateUsed to make a statement 24. Discussion about FacebookAccounts are for individuals (only one per person).Pages are organizations (analytics are available).Groups are for discussions. 25. Facebook privacy settingsLearn the settings.Periodically remove apps that you have given access toyour account.Continue to review the settings. 26. Discussion about LinkedinLinkedIn is a safe place to start.Complete profile and other information.Link to colleagues.Join groups.Start to engage in discussions. 27. Core Extension Mindset--Go where the people areFarmer generated Facebook groupSouthern Farming--More active dialogue if initiated by the clientele. 28. Livestock Poultry Environmental LearningCenter Integration of Traditional and New--------- 29. Livestock Poultry EnvironmentLearning Center Twitter #ManureMonday started by @LPELCReach:12,000-15,000Twitter accounts 30. Rutgers Extension Professor Barbara ONeill Twitter 31. University of Alaska Extension Pinterest 32. Blog links to Facebook and TwitterLeads to calls from localreporters County Agents appreciate the ability to curatecontent Posting allowssharing of links 33. Social Media Just Another Set of ToolsExamples ofpopular socialmedia outlets 34. How do I find a friend or colleague? 35. References 36. Photo credits </p>


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