Social media 101 Notes

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<ol><li> 1. ABOUT TECHSOUP CANADA </li><li> 2. DONATIONS PROGRAMIs my org eligible?You may be eligible toa) Does your businessget donations of number end in RR0001?b) Do you have a Letters Patent from Industry Canada?c) Are you incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation with your province?d) Are you a library? </li><li> 3. ABOUT ME Past: writing software Now: online community &amp; resources about nonprofittechnologyFor example the nonprofit tech self-assesment: </li><li> 4. FACEBOOK How to post text How to post a picture How to share a post How to schedule a post How to check the reach of your post Facebook Pages app </li><li> 5. RESOURCES &amp; TUTORIALS </li><li> 6. TWITTER How to tweet How to mention someone, or reply to a tweet How to send a direct message How to schedule a tweet (Tweetdeck, Hootsuite &amp; other options) How to shorten your links &amp; track clicks (, &amp; other options) How to use/search for a hashtag </li><li> 7. RESOURCES &amp; TUTORIALS </li><li> 8. YOUTUBE How to upload a video to YouTube How to edit your description &amp; tag the video How to look at video analytics How to do simple video editing </li><li> 9. RESOURCES &amp; TUTORIALS</li></ol>