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<ul><li> 1. Mobile AdvertisingFREE SIGN UPOptimization for More Money nowKey Facts: Easy integration, storage and RAM friendly (260kb) Supports video, display banners &amp; text ads Customize the color of text and backgrounds Displays the banner as texture in 3D Games Landing page opens WebView - without leaving the app Click to AppStore, iTunes, Google Maps, YouTube, Call &amp; Video Supports beacons (important for premium ads) Allows socio demographic/contextual targeting Location based advertising Asynchronously load of display ad (no wait time for user) Flexibility to set time controlled ad rotations When no ad available, the banner space is automatically hidden Compatible with Admobs AdWhirl SDK Universal SDK for iPhone and iPad Native integration with Apples iAdHigher eCPM &amp; Fill Rate No Sign-up Fee70+ Mobile Ad Networks230+ CountriesSOMA Platform Ecosystem: Higher eCPMHigher Fill Rate 70+ Mobile Ad NetworksSmaatos Mobile Ad40,000+ Mobile DevelopersOptimization PlatformCopyright 2011 Smaato Inc. All rights reserved Smaato is a registered trademark of Smaato Inc. SOMA is a trademark of Smaato Inc.The names of actual companies and products mentioned here may be trademarks of their respective</li></ul>


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