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  • 1. Shift Happens! Mobile Edition A compilation of research by really smart people presented by a fan Kevin Krason CEO & ROI Fanatic, Biznet Internet Solutions

2. Digital / Internet Overview ~25 years old Almost 3 Billion people 83% of the Worlds wealth 3. 1 Billion Smart Phones 4. 250 Million Shipped Q3 2013 5. 133 Million US Adults 6. Smartphone demographicsSource: Pew Research Center , June 2013 7. Mobile users pass desktop next Year(3.4 Billion Users Worldwide) 8. Global Mobile Traffic to reach 25% next year 9. Mobile Adoption is Fastest in History Why? Convenience Accessibility Cost 10. Apps are Preferred 11. Screen fragmentation is creating big challenges and big opportunities 60% of online devices are now smartphones or tablets 12. 150 times each day 13. Android vs. iOS 14. ~40%~50% 15. Mobile is enabling new forms of entertainment, communication, media, and commerce. 16. Whats Next? 17. Today Only 6% Of Fortune 100 Companies Have Sites That Comply With Googles Mobile RequirementsYou really need to be thinking about mobile, Were starting to think a lot about mobile. - Matt Cutts, Google 18. Thank you! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Plagiarism is avoided by citations Special thanks to Comscore, Business Insider, Morgan Stanley, Pew Internet, Compuware, Google and Microsoft Contact me: