Secure wireless modem

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  • 1. Access Restriction using Password

2. Login to the ADSL Router on The username and password by default are admin and admin. Click on advanced 3. Click on wireless security 4. Select the WEP security. Enable WEP security. Key in the desired security password. Click on Apply. 5. Access List (MAC based) 6. To add the clients to the access list, find out the MAC id of the clients (wireless interface card) where the connectivity is required, using the command ipconfig all. To find out the MAC id from already active clients, follow the following method. 7. Click on lan clients under the advanced menu 8. Copy the MAC ids for the clients whom access has to be permitted. 9. To add the clients to the access list find the following method. 10. Click on wireless management under advanced menu. 11. Select the check box enable access list Select allow Enter the MAC id in the space provided. Click on add. 12. Click on apply 13. Save the entire configuration by following the method given below.