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Salesforce1 Mobile Tips & Tricks for Admins April 23, 2014

Salesforce1 Mobile Tips & Tricks for Admins

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Salesforce Admins, now is your time to become the hero of mobile! Empower your users to work smarter when they are out in the field by making your Salesforce applications available on their mobile device. From reducing load time on opportunities to creating custom templates, we’ve got the tips, tricks and real-life stories that will make your life easier and your users happy. Join us to put your existing point & click skills to work. This webinar is part of a series focusing on new and existing Salesforce1 Mobile App features. If you are ready to supercharge your career and make an impact at your company, join us!

Text of Salesforce1 Mobile Tips & Tricks for Admins

Salesforce1 Mobile Tips & Tricks for Admins April 23, 2014


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Salesforce Admin Digest

Tips & Tricks with a No Fluff GuaranteeWelcome to our new digest, packed full of useful tips, tricks and tutorials to

help you be a rockstar admin and a hero to your company

Put Salesforce1 to work for you.

Tip 1: Reduce Time to Update OpportunitiesUse quick actions to reduce the amount of fields required forfrequent business events such as winning a deal or qualifying anopportunity.

Contributed by Mary Scotton

Tip 2: Directly Link to Salesforce1 in YourEmailsCustomize your email templates so that your users are sentstraight into the Salesforce1 mobile app. They will love how easythis is to use!

Contributed by Eanna Cunnane

Tip 3: Eliminate Emails and Paper for RoadWarriorsView, print, email, and even store files offline with Files & Groupsin Salesforce1. Your traveling sales reps and execs who useexternal files will thank you!

Contributed by Jennifer Wobser

Salesforce1 for AdminsWebinarHaven't started using the Salesforce1Mobile App? Learn tips and tricks fromawesome admins Shannon Grimm,Amanda Ream, and Jennifer Wobser.Hosted by Mary Scotton, this hour willkickstart your Salesforce1 Mobile Appsuccess!

Date: 04/23/2014Time: 10:00AM PT

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Speakers Mary Scotton Developer Evangelist,

salesforce.com @rockchick322004

Amanda Ream Senior CRM System Administrator, Metso @amandaream4

Shannon Grimm Global MAC CRM Project Manager, Metso @ShannonGrimm4

Jennifer Wobser Business Systems Analyst & Salesforce Administrator, FFF Enterprises




Salesforce1 Mobile Overview Metso: Tips, Tricks & Demos FFF Enterprises: Tips, Tricks & Demos More Tips, Tricks & Demos Resources & Next Steps Q&A


Every Object, Every Field: Salesforce1 Mobile Accessible

AppExchange Apps:

Dropbox Concur Evernote ServiceMax More

Custom Apps and Integrations:

SAP Oracle Everything Custom More

Sales, Service and Marketing

Accounts Cases Campaigns Dashboards More


Mobile Cards

New Features for Salesforce1 Mobile

Objects & Fields

Page Layouts

Custom Tabs

List Views

Search Layouts

Publisher Actions

Compact Layouts

Enhanced Lookups

Embedded Charts

Mobile Navigation

Buttons & Links

Twitter Component


How to enable Salesforce1 Mobile for your org

Enable Chatter Enable Publisher


Salesforce1 Settings -> Connected Apps settings


Shannon Grimm Global Mac CRM Project Manager, Metso


Amanda Ream Senior CRM Administrator, Metso @amandaream4


Metso Overview

500 Users (soon to be 1000) 3 Admins Sales team went Mobile in

2012 with Salesforce Touch and Chatter iOS app


Metsos Salesforce1 Mobile Story


Salesforce1 Tip: User experience is key to user adoption

Business Problem: Salespeople are not adopting mobile solutions because Opportunity edit takes too long to load.

Solution: Create an Update type Publisher Action show salespeople how easy it is to use!


Salesforce1 Tip: Just 3 things you need to know!

1. Navigation Menu 2. Compact Layouts 3. Publisher Actions


1. Understanding the Navigation Menu


2. Compact Layouts


3. Publisher Actions

Demo Mobile Navigation, Compact Layouts,

and Publisher Actions


Get started!

Use it! What are my end users doing? Dont be scared!


Jennifer Wobser Business Systems Analyst & Salesforce Administrator,

FFF Enterprises @crmsalesgem


FFF Enterprises Overview

100 Users First mobile app: 2004 with

Salesforce Classic

Lone Admin


Salesforce1 Tip: Mobile Access to Files Saves Time

Business Problem: Accessing price sheets was a hassle. Options: get out the binder or call the office.

Solution: Post price list Files to a central Chatter Group. Reduce a 15-30 minute task to 1-2 minutes!


Salesforce1 Tip: Analytics For the Road Warrior!

Business Problem: Sorting through large territory data to find ideal accounts on the road is difficult.

Solution: Dashboards with simple target lists for large territories with sorting.


Salesforce1 Trick: Email a Direct Link to the Mobile App

Click Link to Open


How to implement the Direct Email link





Demo: Files, Dashboards, Direct Link


Mary Scotton Developer Evangelist

salesforce.com @rockchick322004


Salesforce1 Tip: Mind the gap

Business Problem: Managers are complaining that approval notifications appear in Salesforce1 but then disappear.

Solution: Install Approval Central for Salesforce1 from AppExchange

Mobile Administration Mobile Navigation move My Approvals to Selected listbox


Salesforce1 Trick: Leverage social connections

Business Problem: Sales reps are working a new account, and want to tap into their social network to make a connection.

Solution: Find people in common via Twitter, right in the app! Customize Social Apps Integration Social Accounts and Contacts Settings Enable Social Accounts and Contacts Enable Twitter


Salesforce1 Tip: Speak your users language

Business Problem: Previous mobile attempt have been vetoed because translation costs for custom mobile apps are too high.

Solution: Leverage existing Salesforce translations, and add new ones with Translation Workbench.

Demo: Approvals, Twitter, Translations


Recap: Salesforce1 Tips & Tricks Business Problem Solution 1. Users cant find the My Approvals app. Modify the Mobile Navigation to move it closer to the top.

2. Users have to swipe up 3 times to see a key fields on their mobile device.

Customize the Compact Layout for the object to surface the 4 most important fields in the top section.

3. Users wont use Salesforce1 because records with a 50+ fields take a long time to edit.

Create an object-specific Publisher Action to Update the record, placing less fields on the Action layout.

4. Sales reps rely on printed documents. Create a Group and upload the documents as Files. Makes it easy to access on the road.

5. Executives arent logging in to the Salesforce1 mobile app. Show them how to access their favorite Dashboards and theyll be hooked!

6. Users get emails with links to Salesforce records and dashboards, but they open in the browser on their phones and thats hard to read.

Update your Email Templates to also include the mobile direct link URLs and now records and dashboards will open in Salesforce1 mobile.

7. Managers complain because they have to use the desktop app to see a list of items to approve.

Install the Approval Central for Salesforce1 from AppExchange.

8. Sales reps are active on Twitter and want to leverage those relationships with new customers.

Add the Twitter component to the Account and Contact page layouts.

9. Your global users want to see labels in their language in Salesforce1 mobile.

All labels are in the Translation Workbench, even the new Publisher Action labels.


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Next Steps

Download the Salesforce1 app on your device Available in AppStore and Google Play If you already have Salesforce1, upgrade to Version 5.2

Use your Sandbox or your new Developer Edition to try it out

Sandbox login: Log out of your production Org in Salesforce1 and then click on the top-right gear icon on the login page.

Analyze your use cases and optimize for mobile Mobilize your users!


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Q & A


Mary Scotton Developer Evangelist,

salesforce.com @rockchick322004

Amanda Ream Senior CRM System Administrator, Metso


Shannon Grimm Global Mac CRM Project Manager, Metso @ShannonGrimm4

Jennifer Wobser Business Systems Analyst & Salesforce Administrator,

FFF Enterprises @crmsalesgem

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