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Ruby versus Rails

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Telling the difference between Ruby and Rails and how they work together. Useful for new programmers.

Text of Ruby versus Rails

  • Whos Ruby and Whats Rails Allison Sheren twitter: @allie_p
  • the same != thing
  • The only search result:
  • Not ruby Not ruby This is ruby Not ruby Not ruby
  • Built off of Ruby (the original), there are expansion packs (Rails). Rails is an open source web application framework built on Ruby.
  • The basics: Ruby uses IRB, Gems, and is an objectoriented programming language Like resource cards, dice, resource map pieces, houses, cities, and roads.
  • What were all those words you just said?
  • Breaking it down - Gems are: a packaged library or application. Rails is a gem that you use with Ruby. Who has a favorite gem? Bootstrap l l ky ss Sunspot e afo S J und ati Compass quiet asseton s nsack Ra - IRB is: interactive ruby. Lets you try out things using the command line
  • The New Stuff! - follows rules like MVC and DRY - uses Rails console - can query a database - uses things like rails generate (outputs generic code) or a scaffold Includes special things like ships, extra water, Star Trek related pieces, etc.
  • What?! - MVC = model, view, controller - DRY = Dont repeat yourself
  • Scaffoldin g Same blueprint, Different house
  • Rails combines Ruby with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a web app
  • This is an example of html with ruby code. Its view code which is in rails but not ruby.
  • What to learn first? My recommendation: Learn ruby first then add in rails BUT there are better tutorials out there for ruby on rails that allow you to actually build something