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Research Tutorial for Art 109A Arts Since 1945

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  • 1. Research Tutorial Professor Melissa Hall Fall 2013

2. Course Objectives Conduct research on a contemporary artist, and situate their work in the context of post- 1945 art practices 3. Research Sources Internet Books Periodicals 4. Search Engines Search engines are used to locate information on the internet 5. Keyword Search Begin your search by choosing a keyword 6. Keyword: Jackson Pollock 7. Search term is too broad 8. Narrow your search by using more specific keyword terms Jackson Pollock and Existentialism Jackson Pollock and Action Painting Jackson Pollock andHarold Rosenberg Jackson Pollock andClement Greenberg 9. Limit your search to images using Googles image feature 10. Click on Search Tools and select Large for high resolution images 11. Evaluating Web Resources Much of the information available on the internet is not reliable You must therefore evaluate your resources to determine their validity 12. Criteria WCC Librarians recommend 5 simple criteria: 1. Authority 2. Accuracy 3. Coverage 4. Objectivity 5. Currency 13. Authority Authority: Is the author or sponsor a reliable source? 14. Authority Since anybody can post on the internet you must be sure that your source is credible 15. Authority This is why Wikipedia is not considered a reliable resource 16. Authority But Wikipedia can be a great jumping off point! 17. Authority But Wikipedia can be a great jumping off point! 18. Authority Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia It is a research tool not a research source 19. Authority Look for sites sponsored by recognized institutions and experts in the field 20. Authority Beware of sites that appear to be authored by experts 21. Authority The authors are not always experts on the topic 22. Authority Art Story contributors all have MAs -- not PhDs! 23. Authority Domain names can help you identify credible sources at a glance 24. Authority Museums and libraries are identified by the .org tag in their URL 25. Authority Museum sites are an excellent source of vetted information 26. Authority Artcyclopedia provides links to museum object pages 27. Authority Artcyclopedia provides links to museum object pages 28. Authority Also links to articles and multimedia 29. Authority Commercial sites are identified by the .com domain name:http://www.jacksonpollock .com/ Beware of .com sites! 30. Authority If the site is trying to sell you something, it can not be considered reliable 31. Authority Be wary of distracting advertising! 32. Authority Be wary of blogs! 33. Coverage Coverage refers to the quality and depth of content If the site repeats the familiar old clichs about Jackson Pollock, it is not worth using! 34. Accuracy Are there mistakes in facts, spelling, or the use of vocabulary? 35. Objectivity Is the information presented objectively, or does it promote an opinion or point of view? 36. Objectivity Much art criticism is opinion, rather than scholarly research 37. Currency Currency refers to whether information is current or up to date Greenberg and Rosenberg are historical artifacts, not current authorities 38. Citation Format Citing internet sources is a pain in the neck -- but everybody has to do it! Otherwise, you will be guilty of plagiarism! 39. Citation Format Required information includes: Author or agency Title of article Site name or original source Date created and publisher Date of access URL 40. Citation Format Required information includes: Author or agency Title of article Site name or original source Date created and publisher Date of access URL Melissa Hall, Jackson Pollock, Art Since 1945, Westchester Community College (October 7, 2013) ek-3/jackson-pollock-1912-1956/ 41. Citation Format There are now citation machines available on the web that will do the formatting for you 42. Citation Format If you cant find the information you need then you might want to question the reliability of your site 43. Citation Format Many museum sites now offer information about how to cite their pages 44. Books 45. Periodicals Know the difference between popular magazines and scholarly journals 46. Periodicals Scholarly = peer reviewed 47. Periodicals Magazine = glossy pictures and advertisements General audience Exhibition reviews News on market trends and conservation 48. Periodicals Scholarly journals no advertising; longer articles; more serious appearance 49. Periodicals Lots of footnotes! 50. Use library database to locate periodicals 51. Modify search 52. Summary 53. WTF???!!! If you cant understand the abstract, skip it 54. Page Scan 55. PDF 56. PDF 57. Journals to Look for Art Bulletin Art Journal Art in America Art History Oxford Art Journal 58. Journals to Avoid October 59. Journals to Avoid Art News 60. Can be Good New Yorker New York Times Artnet 61. Art Critics Roberta Smith Michael Kimmelman Holland Carter Michael Brenson Jerry Saltz Peter Schjeldahl Deborah Solomon 62. Links Check out links on course website (mostly criticism; reviews) 63. Help The library provides abundant resources 64. Tutorials 65. Tutorials 66. Help