Red Hat OpenStack Deployment

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Red Hat OpenStack PlatformDeployment

Michael SolbergPrincipal Architect, Red HatJanuary 16th 2014


Introduction to RHEL OSP

OpenStack Deployment Tools

OpenStack Deployment Patterns

Foreman Demonstration

OpenStack Deployment Tools

OpenStack Deployments are Hard

Deployment Tools vary by VendorCanonical - Juju

Mirantis - Fuel

Dell - Crowbar

Red Hat - PackStack/Foreman

All roads lead to TripleO -> OpenStack on OpenStack

All-in-One Deployment

Three node POC

Active/Passive HA

Scalable HA

Host Groups



Neutron Networker

Gluster Storage

LVM Block Storage

Load Balancer


Swift Storage Node

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OpenStack Deployments - Michael Solberg

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