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If you want to get employees involved in blogging, start with training. This presentation is intended to educate Akron Children's Hospital's employees about its blog, and how to participate in blogging.

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  • 1. Ready, set, blog
  • 2. Inside Childrens BlogLaunched in 2009, InsideChildrens is our onlinecommunity that providesinspirational patient andstaff stories as well asinformation about healthand parenting, hospitalnews, fundraisingactivities and more.Ready, set, blog
  • 3. Why do we blog? To increase brand awareness and engagement To strengthen our social media and PR/marketing initiatives To raise awareness of hospital news and events To position Akron Childrens as a leading pediatric expert source on health and parenting topics To support the hospitals philanthropic goals To support the hospitals recruitment and retention effortsReady, set, blog
  • 4. Who are our ideal readers? We are reaching out to those who may already have a connection to Akron Childrens. We hope they want to strengthen that relationship by reading the inspiring stories of others, as well as share their own.Ready, set, blog
  • 5. What is the blogs core message? The core message will convey our brand promise of caring for each and every child as we would our own.Ready, set, blog
  • 6. Whats the personality we want to convey? Conversational Warm CreativeReady, set, blog
  • 7. Basics of bloggingReady, set, blog
  • 8. Where do we begin? Start by listening. Listen to whats being said before diving in. Monitor the blogosphere and respond to what else is out there.Ready, set, blog
  • 9. Rehearse Practice, practice, practice writing. Writing is a craft that requires both talent and acquired skills. You learn by doing, by making mistakes and then seeing where you went wrong. Jeffrey A. Carver Tip Write 5 or 10 posts before going live.Ready, set, blog
  • 10. Make it conversational Write as if youre speaking directly to your readers. Pretend like youre sitting down for a cup of coffee with your readers. Use contractions. Have you ever heard someone speak without using contractions? Move readers emotionally through your words, language, real-life experiences, metaphors and humanity.Ready, set, blog
  • 11. Keep it short Keep posts to about 300-400 words. If you need more than that, you have enough for another post. Keep paragraphs short. Sometimes all you need for a paragraph is one sentence.Ready, set, blog
  • 12. Keep it interesting Add interesting pictures, visuals and images. Close- ups are typically preferred. Draw your readers in. Grab peoples attention with compelling and punchy headlines. Use lists. Readers love lists. Theyre easily digestible nuggets and entry points for the eye.Ready, set, blog
  • 13. Ideas for topics Share compelling patient stories Piggyback on a news topic or research study Share a story of something that happened in your personal life Create a list of links to online resources in a single post Take a post or article from another location and repost a significant part of it as a blog post with brief, original commentary Share impressions, opinions and insights from an eventReady, set, blog
  • 14. Remember Before writing a blog post, ask yourself: Who am I writing for? Whats my message? How do I want them to feel? What do I want them to do?Ready, set, blog
  • 15. After you post it Now, its time to share it.Ready, set, blog
  • 16. Questions? Contact: Andrea Joliet, Asst. Director, Interactive Marketing ajoliet@chmca.orgReady, set, blog