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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? In tearms of theory, I annalysed statements made by Laura Mulvey, Tzveton Todorov and Vladimir Porpp. From Vladimir Proops prospective he identifies seven different character types. However Ive only followed and developed three of these character types, as my trailer challenged the others.

Firstly, Propp states that in a trailer there is always ahero present. This is toimmediately let the audience know that the film contains some type of struggle between good and evil and almost inevitably, the hero will be triumphant.Propp further elaborates on this by saying that the hero is usually represented as a male character, which ultimately emphasizes the fact that men are usually the ones who are seen to save the day.My trailer challenged this view, because I did not make reference orfeature a hero type of character in any way. I made this creative decision because in most modern horror films aimed at my target audience, the equilibrium is not restored at the end ofthe film, as an attemptto make the audience feel unsettled, and consequentlymake the film seem scarier. ThusI did not show evidence of a hero in the trailer toremove the possibility,in the audiences minds, of there being a happy and resolved ending to the film, and makethem more curious to go and watch the filmin order tosee exactly what happens and how it ends.

Vladimir Porpp

As well as this, I challenged the thought of the men being dominant figures, by having all the main protagonistsfeatured in the trailer to be women.As the male character was notprominent in the trailer, this suggests that he is not as much of an integral character in the film as the women. However, this decision can be interpreted in two ways that, depending on the interpretation, can either be a development or contradiction of Laura Mulveys theory. If we are to apply Mulveys theory of women being portrayed as passive whilst men presented as dominant, this could be interpreted in such a way to suggest that my trailer has the opposite effect and only shows the females, because they are the only ones in the film that become possessed, due to the fact that they are more submissive and thus more susceptible to these types of things, whereas the males are more strong willed and thus not so easily taken over by outside forces.

Laura MulveyRelating my trailer to Tzvertan Todorovs theory of the five stages of conventional narratives, my trailer possesses all the qualities to suggest that the actual film would follow the first stage of this theory, because it would have a happy start. It is important that I followed this first stage of the theory, because I did not want the audience to categories the little girl as the villain, but instead identify with her as a girl who had been corrupted by something evil. This is to ensure that the character is more relatable because according to Mulveys female narcismtheory, the female audience members would put themselves in her shoes.

Vladimir Porpp