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  • 1. Responsive Introduction Presented By

2. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICES 3. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESResponsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide anoptimal viewing experienceeasy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing,panning, and scrollingacross a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors tomobile phones) 4. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESAs mobile web browsing becomes increasingly common all over the world, responsive webdesign is fast emerging as the ultimate solution to several mobile problems. Mobile devicesuse smaller screens on different formats, and their user interface is vastly different fromthat of a home computer. Combined with their comparatively low processing power, theseproblems can make mobile browsing a struggle. The following benefits of responsive webdesign, however, make it a great solution to the mobile browsing predicament.ALLOW YOUR WEBSITE TO ADAPTBy reworking your website with responsive design, you give it thecapability to adapt to multiple browsing platforms. Rather thanbuilding websites according to static dimensions, responsive designinvolves constructing a page according to proportional parametersthat allow it to change its layout based on the users device. With somany different smart phones and tablets on the market, its importantto make sure that your web pages can adapt to multiple viewingplatforms. Responsive design provides an elegantly simple solution tothis problem. 5. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESSAVE TIME AND MONEYIn the past, the only solution for mobile browsing was to create adedicated mobile website. Many webmasters still subscribe to thisidea, but it can be expensive and time consuming. Your web hostingneeds will increase, you will have two websites to manage, and your ITexpenses can shoot through the roof when you have twice as manypages to troubleshoot on a regular basis. Responsive web designallows you to simplify your needs by having only one website formultiple platforms, thus saving you both time and money.IMPROVE OVERALL USABILITYOne of the most common problems with mobile browsing is theusability issue. Many people fail to make use of their mobile devicesinternet capabilities because so many websites are not optimized formobile browsing. Pages take too long to load, and their layouts oftenbecome jumbled and unreadable on the small screen. Building yoursite according to responsive design principles makes sure that users onany device will get the same experience on your website. Improveusability and your mobile potential will skyrocket. 6. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESBEAT OUT THE COMPETITIONEveryone on the web is trying to edge out the competition, andresponsive design is a great way to get a head start. Despite itsobvious benefits, responsive design is still a budding movementin web design in Cincinnati, Silicon Valley, and everywhere in between.Getting on board with this new movement early gives you a leg up onthe pile, ensuring a strong standing for your website in the years tocome.STEP UP YOUR SEOSearch engine optimization is on every webmasters mind today, andresponsive web design is a great way to improve your websites SEO.Google actually recommends responsive design as an SEO booster,and everyone should heed the words of the undisputed king of searchengines. By using the same HTML and CSS across multiple platforms,your website becomes easier for Google to search and index, and thiscan have a direct effect on your search engine result rankings. 7. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICES HTML5 Css3 Media Queries Design 8. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESThe fifth revision of HyperText MarkupLanguage, the core language forpresenting content on the web.CSS3 is the newest implementation ofthat markup language and enablesresponsive markup.CSS3 Transitions Transforms / Rotations Animations Button Style Text Shadow Rounded corners Detect screen size, deviceorientation 9. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESA media query combines a media typeand a condition to specify how webcontent will appear on a particularreceiving device. How to design website? Design from smallest to larger viewports/screen sizes. "Stop thinking in pages, start thinking in systems." 10. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESADVANTAGE User Experience (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop) Analytics Not separate mobile site (for Sharing/Linking) Optimized content (SEO best practice) Development (no redirects/user-agent targeting) Maintenance Information Architecture 11. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESWe are one of the leading web design anddevelopment companies in the world andwere behind many award winning websites.We always go for innovative ideas and comeup with unique designs and features.With the support of most sophisticatedtechnology and well trained experts in ourteam we proudly sayNothing is impossible. 12. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICES PSD to Responsive Responsive Web Design Responsive Boilerplate Framework Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 Boilerplate mobile 960 Grid system Mobile compatibility Responsive theme WordPress Responsive HTML5Template JavaScript Plugin For Responsive 13. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESOur 24X7 customer support team is well prepared to address your queries and grievancespromptly. Strict quality measures and well experienced quality control team ensures a worldclass quality of products.By binding together as a single force, we remain strong and unconquerable.We at XHTML Champs never compromise onquality. We stick to this policy while selectingtechnology as well as in human resources. Wecan say with confidence that we have the bestin both.Our experts are not only well versed withtechnology but also good in effectivecommunication. No need for the clients to waittill the top management answering their calls,instead they can get their work done easily bycommunicating directly with any of our teammembers. 14. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESBy hiring a RWD developer from XHTML Champs, you can sail easily with RWD. When you hire a RWD Developer from us... You are getting access to a pool ofprofessionals You are able to finish the task in short timelimit You are getting the work done in minimumcost You are avoiding recruitment tasks You are saving initial investments 15. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICES 16. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESPhone. +1-619 618 0404Email. info@xhtmlchamps.comSkype. 17. PSD TO RESPONSIVE CONVERSION SERVICESTHANK YOU!

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