Protect Your Files With Free System Backup Software

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<ol><li> 1. Protect Your Files With Free System Backup Software In the world of computers, backup is the process in which the important files and data are copied and stored in an alternative source like external hard drive, CD, USB, cloud storage etc. These backups of files are taken, in case the system witnesses any issues within and affects its storage. This might lead to lose of important data that cannot be recovered again. Therefore, it is necessary to take up safe system restore backup to avoid any harm in future. Creating a safe backup is very easy in Windows operating system. A user can create a backup automatically or manually. To backup files in Windows operating system, ensure that you store these data in an external storage devices. They are easy to manage as well as they separate your data from the vulnerabilities of your host computer. Avoid storing files in the same computer system, as it is less safe. Any issues with the computer will also be encountered with the backup and hence, can hamper it. To start the backup of your file, follow these steps: Look for a suitable storage device that has ample space to store your backup files. Try to have some extra space left for safe side. Plug the storage device to your computer system with the help of a USB cable. A Windows will appear automatically. Select the option Choose device as a backup and open File History. In case, a Windows does not open automatically, look for File History and manually backup your files. A user can go to the Advanced Settings on the left panel of the Windows in which changes can be done related to the backup process like the time period of taking a backup and the space allowed for each backup. Select the accurate backup drive. Click on Turn On: to initiate the process. This process will take time. Make sure that you dont use your computer while the backup is on. The above method is when you want to create backup of whole files. In case, you want to system restore backup individual files, then you need to follow these instructions: Select the mode of storage device in which you want to take your backup. Plug it into your computer. Go to the file location and copy the files for which you want to create a backup. You can put the files in one folder or select them one by one. In case, the size of the file is very big, compress these files with the help of zip software. You can protect the backup data by protecting your storage device with a password. Ensure that you remember this password in future; otherwise, the data will be at stake. If you have copied and saved the files in the storage device, also copy them to another computer for better shield. If the user finds these steps difficult, then one can get free system backup software and create the backup of essential files within a click. There are numerous software programs available, which helps to create a safe system restore backup.</li></ol>