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ITM Platform es la solucin adecuada para los directores de programa durante el ciclo de vida del programa en su conjunto, desde el inicio hasta el cierre. ITM Platform enfoque de Gestin de Programas.


<ul><li> 1. PROJECT, PROGRAMS &amp; PORTFOLIO:DOING THE RIGHT THINGWith ITM Platform, managers will be able to bind Strategic Planningwith Project and Service delivery and benefit realization: changing gearsfrom doing the thing right to doing the right thingITM Platform Projects, Programs &amp; PortfolioAvoids subjective bias on deciding what projects are more important,what projects to anticipate, delay, or cancel.ITM Platform Projects, Programs &amp; PortfolioDoes not reinvent any method, but includes every possible way ofbusiness goals, projects and services comparison (quantitative andqualitative ranking, pairwise comparison, efficient frontier andscenario analysis).ITM Platform Projects, Programs &amp; PortfolioHelps managers to decide the optimal mix and sequencing ofprojects and services to best reach the organizations goals.ITM Platform Projects, Programs &amp; PortfolioIs the right solution for Program Managers during the whole programlifecycle, from initiation to closure.</li></ul> <p> 2. MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS ANDGET THE RIGHT FEEDBACKYou can compare projectsNext step will be making a Other PPM tools provideand services using thedecision on which set of scenarioanalysisandmethod you like most. As aprojects and servicesgraphical representations asresult, ITM Platform will auto- should be selected out of allwell. However, in many ofmatically set priorities. Withthe combinations possible. them, this process ends upITM Platform, componentwhen the approval decisionWith ITM Platform, manag-scoring is no longer a sub-is taken.ers can perform differentjective matter.analysis by interpreting dif-ITM Platform provides con-Business goals and compo- ferently the pressures oftinuous accurate informationnents can be weighed to business and market. This is on consolidated executiondetermine their relative im-performed by means of sce- and business contribution.portance (without bias).narios. Components can be compared quantitatively, assigning a relative scoring number.Components can be compared quali-tatively, assigning intuitive symbolseasy to understand.Components can be compared with each other using pair wise comparisons, following the Analytic Hierarchy Process technique.ITM Platform allows managers to try what if alternatives by selecting, unselecting, forcing inor forcing out components. At any time, they can measure the optimization grade bychecking how close the selection is from the optimal point, following the Efficient Frontiertechnique. tel:+34 917 906 704 email: dir:Paseo Castellana, 135. 2 twitter: @itmplatform 28046 Madrid</p>