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  • 1. Microsoft PowerPoint Tips -Using Microsoft PowerPoint makes your presentation impressive Presented by Jacky Tsai NTUST EMBA 97 2008/06/18

2. What is a successful presentation?

  • Personal skills
  • Content of presentation
    • Interesting topics
    • Impressive templates and PowerPoint skills

06/03/09 3. Pron. of PowerPoint06/03/09 4. Steps for using PowerPoint 06/03/09 5. Time arrangement 06/03/09 Under 10 minutes Try to focus on one or two points for your audiences .Do not mention too much 20-30 minutes Try to understand what your audience needs, better knowing your attendant background if possible. more than 40 minutes Try to make some interactive action or your audience may go sleepily! 6. Agenda Arrangement 06/03/09 7. Templates

  • There are many templates in the Powerpoints already.
  • You can find out from Internet.
  • You can use others presentation.
  • Trying to choose your templates according to your presentationtopic(Like background )
  • Using impressive templates can let audience concentrate to your presentation.

06/03/09 8. Contents and media Components(Pictures , Motion Pictures, Hyper link,..etc)

  • Words : better under 50 words in one presentation page and trying to have 5 or 6 titles
  • Trying to use mores picture as you can
  • Trying to use multimedia components to make your PowerPoint impressive.
  • Using hyper link to movie , internet, pictures

06/03/09 9. Contents and media Components ( Font Format)

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Font size depend on the presentation location
  • Font Types (not more than three)
  • Font color(Clear and not too many colors)

06/03/09 10. Contents and media Components (Pictures )

  • Trying to use Pictures as you can
  • Increasing the vision effect
  • Easy to understand and image
  • Picture is better than table ,table is better than words.

06/03/09 11. Contents and media Components (Motion Pictures)

  • More impressive and active
  • Not too many animations (within three animations)
  • Proper background and music will be fine

06/03/09 12. Presentation Playing

  • Playing by slides
  • Playing automatically
  • Transfer to PPS

06/03/09 13. NOTES

  • Making sure that every pages can deliver your message
  • Identifying every pages background, color, font , effects are proper and clear
  • Good connections with every presentation pages.

06/03/09 14. The final important thing-

  • Rehearsal for Time control and smoothly

06/03/09 15. Q & A

  • Practice makes perfect