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  • The History of Apple Computers By Ryan Winters Jaymin Amin Keith Johnson-Rwamafa
  • An introduction The story of Apple starts in 1976 Apple were the first company to release a home computer Apple is now a multinational corporation that creates: - Consumer electronics - Computer software - Commercial servers
  • Founder of Apple Inc The founder Steve Wozniak; a brilliant engineer, who developed his own computer at home which was the first of its kind
  • Steve Jobs Steve jobs (a good friend of Wozniaks) was also interested in computers and urged Wozniak to sell his new home computer Jobs and Wozniak decided to go into business April 1st 1976 as Apple Computers Inc
  • The Apple I Released April 1st 1976 This computer was the first to use a keyboard and could be connected to a T.V screen which was to start a revolution
  • Apple II (April 16 1977) The Apple II is an 8-bit home computer; one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputers Designed primarily by Steve Wozniak, manufactured by Apple Computers The Apple II was a huge success in the home and in businesses
  • Investors Steve Jobs invited venture capitalists to invest in new fledgling of the company After much frustration eventually secured funding to mass produce the Apple II The injection of cash enabled Apple to become the biggest computer company of the early 80s
  • Apple III The Apple III was a business-oriented personal computer that was intended as the successor to the Apple II series, but largely considered a failure in the market
  • The search for innovation In the search for innovation Steve jobs took a team of Apple staff to Xerox PARC (Palo Research Centre) Here they were given a glimpse at the future and explored completely new approaches to computing
  • The Apple Lisa Development of the Lisa began in 1978 and was released in 1983 The first computer to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) i.e. the use of a mouse to select on screen buttons Targeted toward business customers It was expensive and didnt sell
  • The Macintosh Released in 1984 Although not as successful as Apple predicted, it soon became popular with anyone who needed an easy to use computer with a mouse and a graphical interface
  • The Macintosh II In 1987 the Mac II was the first computer to have computer graphics A basic system with 20 MB drive and monitor cost about $5200 A complete color-capable system could cost as much as $10,000 once the cost of the color monitor, video card, hard disk, keyboard and RAM were added.
  • The Macintosh Portable In 1989 the Macintosh Portable was Apples first attempt at building a portable computer.
  • The PowerBook 100 In 1991 the PowerBook 100 became the worlds first modern laptop
  • Quadra 950 The Macintosh Quadra 950 was the third desktop computer in Apple Computers Quadra line It was the most powerful Mac of its time with a MC68000 based processor
  • The PowerMac 6100 Power Macintosh 6100 was first introduced in 1994 Apple switch from using the Motorola 6800 processors to the Power PC chip The PowerMac 6100 was the first Mac to use the new Power PC chip
  • The iMac The Original iMac was a revolutionary computer The traditional computer tower was integrated into the monitor It was introduced in 1984 and has since evolved through five distinct forms
  • iPod In 2001 Apple released the iPod The iPod is the most popular selling mp3 player in world To date, there have been six generations of the iPod, as well as a spin-off (the iPod Photo) that was later re- integrated into the main iPod line Part of the iPods success was that it worked with Apples own iTunes software
  • iTunes In 2003 the iTunes music store was launched for both Mac & Windows This online music store allowed people to easily and legally buy songs over the internet for the first time
  • Processors In 2005 Steve Jobs dropped a bomb shell; after 11 years Apple was moving away from the Power PC family of microprocessors and switching to Intel processors Intel make the processors in all Macs since 2006
  • The iMacs In 2006 when the first Intel iMac launched, it was clear that Apple had made a good choice IBM had failed to keep pace with its Power PC G5 chip. The new core2 duo chips were vastly superior for performance
  • Intel Macs running windows This switch of processor chips also gave rise to an interesting new feature for Mac hardware, the ability to run windows The ability to run older Mac OS 9 software was removed
  • The iPhone The iPhone was widely rumored before its launch in 2007 Used the same operating system as the Mac Multi touch display to control it Amazing internet experience on a phone The iPhone has became the worlds most popular phone
  • The iPad In 2010 Apple announced the iPad A new class of device that fits between a smart phone and a full computer, allowing an unparalleled internet experience and great applications designed specifically for multi touch The worlds most popular electronic tablet
  • Mac Line-up 2012
  • Apple overview Since its beginnings in 1976 Apple have evolved into one of the biggest computer companies They produce the worlds most popular phones and music players Sell millions of songs and videos Produce the worlds best engineered and most elegantly designed computers, all running on the worlds most advanced operating system