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This deck draws from a lecture I give on the art of pitch decks -- the who, what, how, and why of crafting your messaging and assembling your deck. Many thanks to Dave McClure (500 Startups), Ryan Spoon (Polaris Ventures), and the trial and error of the Tigerlabs portfolio for assisting me in assembling this deck. Questions? Complaints? Bones to pick? Shoot me an e-mail at james@tigerlabs.co

Text of Pitch Decks in a Box

  • 1. PitchDecksInaBoxJamesSmits Partner,Tigerlabs james@

2. Wait,whothehellisthisguy? ImJamesSmits!(@james_smits) Currently:PartneratTigerlabs Previously:BD@BanyanWater,ResearchMonkey@ UniversityofMelbourneandPrincetonUniversity Some