Photography has many faces

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  1. 1. Photography has many faces.
  2. 2. PhotographyThe good thing about pictures is that they neverchange, even if the people in them do.-Unknown
  3. 3. What isPhotography?Since the dawn of thephotographical invention, thecamera obscura, history has beenimmortalised on a bit ofpaper, behind a screen, in apicture frame. Aswe, humans, evolved as arace, we found new ways ofcapturing that special/destructivemoment, with little to no effort atall.
  4. 4. MacroA picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tellsyou, the less you know - Diana Arbus
  5. 5. What is Macro photography?Landscape MacroWith macro photography, its not just about taking a photo, its abouttaking a photo that reveals more than the human eye can see. The samegoes to landscape photography, but they both work in two different ways.Landscape Shows you the world that humans have seen, but dontknow the beauty of it.Macro Shows you the world that insects and plants live, in highdefinition.
  6. 6. Snow Flake on Mohair Ben AndermanSnow flakes like this onlyBen Andermanappear when the temperature isabout -5C; too warm and theyllbe big, but not symmetrical, andwill melt quickly; too cold andtheyll be symmetrical, but reallysmall and not very interesting.This is taken on a mohairscarf, with natural light, atf9.5, and 1 second.- Ben Anderson.
  7. 7. LandscapeThere is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul;we search for its outlines all our lives.- Josephine Hart
  8. 8. What is Landscape photography?Photograph by Toru Yamanaka, AFP/GettyImagesPast PresentWe use landscape as a means to tell a story of the world and its manywonderful landmarks, landmarks that are still standing today.For example, after the tsunami and earthquake hit Japan in 2011, March11, the world stood in silence as they saw the images of destroyedtowns, homes, and livelihoods. Above is a key example of a oncemutilated car park back in 2011, and a present image of the same carpark.
  9. 9. Light PaintingLight Painting in its many forms has been a growing trend - Darren Rowse
  10. 10. What is Light Painting?tienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demenyin 1889
  11. 11. PanoramaThey almost ran me off the road several times. There are so many chances that they take to get the right photo. - Loni Anderson
  12. 12. What is Panorama?San Francisco from Rincon Hill, 1851; c1910Martin Behrmangelatin silver print; 5.5 x 36in.PAN US GEOG - California, no. 235 (E size) P&P Past PresentTechnology over the Panoramic shots wereyears has allowed us as invented to show largea species to developimages ofwonderful cityscapes, landscapesinventions, and different and insideapproaches were found buildings, mainly this wason older tools, the used as a means forcamera is no exception. architecturalplacement, but now, thestyle is used as a meansWill Pearsonto show the world instunning view.
  13. 13. PhotojournalismIn a way, if and individual assumes the risk of placinghimself in the middle of a war to communicate to therest of the world whats happening, hes trying tonegotiate for peace. Perhaps thats the reason for thosein charge of perpetuating the war do not like to havephotographers around.- James Nachtwey
  14. 14. What is Photojournalism PastPresentFeb. 1, 1968. Nguyen Van Lem is Murdered. Photograph: WENN.comTaken by: Eddie Adams London Riots.Photojournalism was first coined in 1900s, when a photographer, LewisHine, was hired to document children working milling stations, throughphotographs. Since then, Photojournalism has taken a path that tells apainful, sad but highly informative story, without words.
  15. 15. Portrait What i like about photographs is that they capture amoment thats gone forever, impossible to reproduce.- Karl Lagerfeld
  16. 16. What is a Portrait? Past PresentJohn Lennon. Peace in 1980sPortraits have given a great insight to a certain individual, they have toldstories, secrets and made every single emotion, noticeable.Technology now has given portraits a more higher standard in todaysworld, social networks, identification, and much more.
  17. 17. What do I truly thinkof Photography? Photography lets a person document moments in time andkeep them close to their hearts, its amazing to believe thatphotography has developed much further and has managedto capture glorious moments. Like a Story that is forever being updated. - Jack Munro
  18. 18. Photography has many faces. By Jack Munro