Pardot Elevate 2011: My Best Campaign Ever

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  • 1.My Best Campaign EverModerated by:Laura HortonPardot

2. PanelistsKristin Anne CarideoOnline Marketing Manager Erin Braford Marketing AnalystDrew SmithDirector of Online Marketing 3. Kristin Anne Carideo 4. Best Campaign EverIntro to Bongarde:Bongarde is a 20 year old B2B publishing companyspecializing in safety compliance information. We aremaking the transition from traditional newsletterpublishing to web-first publishing, subscription websitesand SaaS products.My role:I was brought in as the online marketing manager inAugust 2010 to transition from a database CRM toSalesforce and to manage the implementation ofPardot. 5. Best Campaign EverThe Product:A subscription website offering content on legalcompliance for Canadian safety professionalslaunched in 2010. Niche market with most potential clients already subscribers to another Bongarde product Full-access 7 Day trial available Acquisition Sales Team calling on leads Robust website with a lot of content 6. Best Campaign EverThe Problem(s) Pre-Pardot: Poor sales followup No transparency into sales rep followup for management Low conversion from free trial to subscriber despite low price point Low education about the product Many reasons for prospects to take a trial, but intelligence for sales rep low on why they were taking the trial Prospects very hard to get a hold of by phone 7. Best Campaign EverSales Statistics Pre-Pardot: Averaging 110 trials per month Average 5.4% rate of conversion from trial to subscription Average $3,497 revenue on new subscriptions per month (price of 1 year subscription to product ranged from $595-$795 during that period) 8. Best Campaign EverSolution Implemented Pardot /Salesforce in August 2010 Installed Pardot tracking on all pages of OHS Insider website Utilized Pardot Form Handlers so prospects are creating a Pardot record at the same time they are creating a 7 day trial in our access-management system (A Member) Created a very simple drip campaign that sends 6 emails to prospect within their 7 day trial Educated Sales about utilizing Pardot to see what pages the prospect had visited prior to calling so they know what information the prospect was looking for 9. Best Campaign Ever 10. Best Campaign EverDrip Emails are: Meant to engage, not sell they provide links and check in with prospects over the course of their trial Effective in getting in touch with prospects sales reps were otherwise unable to get in touch with Opened at a rate of between 25-35%, much higher than a call-contact rate 11. Best Campaign EverSales Statistics for 4 months After Trial Drip:Averaging 189 trials per month (previously 110)Average 9% rate of conversion from trial tosubscription (previously 5.4%)Average $18,984 revenue on new subscriptionsper month (previously $3,497). 12. Erin Braford 13. STR Software Were in the Automating delivery of documents from business applications business Primarily a technical audience mostly speaking to users of various ERPs (Oracle, SAP) Want to leverage our 25 years of experience and expertise to speak to our primary audience as well as other decision makers We recently updated our site to a Content Management System (CMS) to optimize content publishing 14. BCE: BI Publisher UniversityWe have a ton ofknowledge to shareObjectives: generate leads,nurture leads, support salesby credentializing ourexpertiseEducational approach: sharefree, relevant content related toour expertise.Evolved into BI Publisher University 15. Campaign ExecutionDeveloped contentand created acentralized hubof informationwith links torelevant content. 16. Pardot and BIP U Placed valuablecontent behindforms Began usingProgressive Formsmore extensively tocapture data we canuse for nurturing. 17. Pardot and BIP U Hosted the formsand descriptions ofthe content onPardot LandingPages templated tolook and behave likethe rest of our site 18. Pardot and BIP U We also put aform on the BIPUpage itselfcreating asubscriptionopportunity tojump start opt-ins 19. Pardot and BIP U Using Email Templates, created autoresponder emails that contain linksto additional, related content. 20. Campaign PromotionCampaign featured prominently in our home page carousel 21. Campaign PromotionFor more informationsection added to each pieceof content to help visitorsflow through the information: 22. Campaign PromotionWe feature a variety of contentin our sidebars throughout thesite. 23. Campaign Promotion Emailed an invitation to check out BIP U to the relevantsegment of our sales database Actively promote the content itself via social networks Include links to BIP U in presentation slides and relatedcorrespondence as a for more information call to action. 24. Early Results We were pleased with the response rate from our internaldatabase. We have enhanced profiling with Progressive Forms and arecollecting better information on new and existing contacts. We have generated new, organic inbound traffic to the siteas a result of the quantity, quality, and optimization ofcontent in the BIP U. Gaining insight into the visitors process and will use thatdata to make changes moving forward. 25. Next StepsBIP University has been integrated into our content planningroadmap and we will continue to develop content for it as wellas our other areas of expertise.At some point, we may determine that BIP U should move frombeing a campaign to being a permanent fixture on our website.TBD based on data we collect over time. 26. Drew Smith 27. About Drew & AttivioDrew Smith, Director of Online Marketing Responsibilities include Attivio webmaster, & Pardot administration, video & graphics production, social media management Originally come from an Engineering management background, moved into Marketing three years agoATTIVIO Enterprise software development company based outside of Boston, MA Core product is the Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) platform sold to B2B, Fortune 1000 companies AIE unifies all corporate data and content assets into a single, searchable platform (think Google behind the firewall) 28. My Best Campaign EverProject called the The Big Drip CHALLENGE: 28,000+ leads in that were stale andnot being touched beyond our monthly newsletter. GOALS:Re-engage leads with a multi-touch drip campaign thatoffers compelling content related to Attivio and businessproblems we address.Drive Prospect Scores to a threshold where they qualifyfor follow-up. APPROACH:Using content from our recent eBook, we carved out aseries of drip emails and dropped leads into the program. 29. The Big Drip Content Utilizes video and whitepaperassets that are included in a seriesof outreach emails with calls toaction to view content as well asoffer for a consultation. Want to educate about Attivio,Unified Information Access andour product. Scoring boosts, notifications basedon Prospects activities 30. Results Overall 13% engagement rate (clicks on calls toaction) Over 1000, formerly stale prospects have now re-engaged at some level with Attivio 500 qualified (based on score) for follow-up by sales What calls to action worked best? Video = 54% of total clicks PDF content = 28% of total clicks Web Links = 14% of total clicks AddThis = 4% of total clicks