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  • 1. OUR MASCOTS What is life?It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time.It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the Sunset. Crowfoot

2. Here youll find a work full of: Creativity SweetnessLove Friendship Tender Language Harmony and much more From pupils Year 5 SANT JOSEP SCHOOL, Navs 3. Bady Creator: Marc SuauDescription: My mascot is called Bady.It is orange with black stripes. He makes friends very easily . He loves meat. His cousins are lions, cheetahs and jaguars. He is little and very fun.Material used: Newspapers, card, a short cable, paint and some brush hairs. 4. Message :Respect the habitat of the animals because they want to live in calm and peace. 5. HARD Creators: Ricard Guilln and Marc VilaDescription: It is a big monkey. It has got small brown eyes and a brown body. It gets hungry very soon.Material used: 1 box, 4 plastic bottles, black, white and brown paint. Ll brown eyes 6. Message : Children: I know you are my friends. Tell the adults they cannot destroy my habitat: the jungles, because then, we dont have anywhere to life and find food. Thank you. 7. BOBY Creators: Laura Paz and QueraltDescription: It has got very big feet, and its also very tall. His tail is very long and strong. In the tummy it has got an orange bag with a baby inside.Material used: 1balloon,newspaper, permanent,mixe colour paper, 2 plastic bottles, liquid glue and card. 8. Message: We made a kangaroo because the kangaroos family is very small, there are only 2 species of them: the koalas and the kangaroos. We can jump from land to land, from heart to heart just to tell people how valuable is our blue planet for all of us. 9. ICE Creators: Joan Manubens and Xavi OrtegaDescription: Ice has got a big beak, yellow eyes and orange toes.Material used: 1 plasctic bottle, a coke lid, card, paint, liquid glue and paper. 10. Message :Do not drop litter in the seas please. We often find plastics, tins and other dangerous objects that kill our friends when they eat them because they think it is a jellyfish or other kind of food. 11. LITTLE TIE Creators: lex and ArnauDescription: It is a penguin. It is 10 years old and it has got black eyes and a small black and white body. It has got wings but it cannot fly. It can swim very fast.Material used: A dish, card, paper, plastic eyes, paint and pens. Ll brown eyes 12. Message : The ice of the poles is melting so that penguins and other animals who live there are in danger. Please stop polluting the atmosphere, the oceans and the land. All together can make a better world. Thank you. Little tie 13. SHADOW Creators: Mireia TriasDescription: It is an owl. It is samll, it can turn its head around from one side to the other side. It has got two big black eyes. The feathers are very beautiful. It makes friends very easily.Material used: Newspaper, buttons, a small piece of yellow washing-up cloth, paint and a piece of brown cloth. Ll brown eyes 14. Message :Shadow wants the humans to respect the nature and the animals. Please, recycle and keep our forests clean. Woo, woo, woo 15. THE FUN COW Creators: Marc R. and OriolDescription: It is a big cow with black stains. It has got little eyes and it has got a big face. It is a naughty animal. It gets angry when other animals dont pay her attention.Material used: Plastic bottle, card, paint, newspaper and adhesive tape. Ll brown eyes 16. Message :The sky is blue, The grass is green We want to live together, Keep the earth clean. Moo, moo, moo 17. SUNBEE Creators: Anna, Ethan and Joan J.Description: It is a bee. It looks like a ball. One eye is bigger than the other one. It has got a yellow smile and two yellow anthens. It has got small green sting and two samll wings. Its honey is tasty!Material used: Newspaper, black and yellow paint, a plastic bottle, 2 cleaning pipes and 2 plastic eyes. Ll brown eyes 18. Message : Stop killing the bees and stop throwing insecticide in the forests because if bees disappear all humans will disappear too. Bees are important because they pollinate the flowers and the trees. They are as important as the air we breath and the food we eat 19. SKIPPY Creators: NatliaDescription: Skippy is a hedgehog. It has got little eyes, a little nose, a smiling mouth and short legs. It has got a body covered with sprickly spines.Material used: Red, black, white and pink plasticine. A marker and a pine. Ll brown eyes 20. Message :Many hedgehogs are killed on the roads when cars drive over them. Be careful please, dont drive fast! 21. YUNA Creators: Yulissa and NaiaraDescription: This is a Polar bear. It lives in the North Pole. It has got white fur and four strong legs. It feeds on fish.Material used: Newspaper, white stickers, black and white paint and a balloon. 22. Message :Hello friends, please do not pollute the seas and the atmosphere because many animals are in danger of extinction. Do you want us to disappear forever? 23. TOBY Creators: Tatiana and MnicaDescription: This is a butterfly. It lives in the fields and the forest. It has got many colours. It is very beautiful.Material used: Orange, purple and pink plasticine. 24. BABY KOALA Creators: Aniol and MartDescription: This is a baby koala. It is a very good friend with the other animals. It is quite big and it is holding a sign which says: Im a Koala It has got big ears and its a beautiful koala.Material used: Plastic bottles, bambu cane, card, paper, silicone and plastic bottle lids. 25. Message : Donot cut the bambu canes in the forests because I cannot live without them. Help me please!