Organize Your Technology (Tools and Tips to organize, sync and simplify your life)

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Instructor: Diana Silveira As we start a new year, we all make the resolution to stay organized and become more efficient. During this workshop, help yourself become prepared to meet and exceed this goal. - Learn how to declutter, dedupe and easily organize your files - Organize incoming knowledge to maximize the time you have and to avoid becoming overwhelmed - Learn about tools you can use to help yourself stay organized - Organize your technology to ensure data security, back-ups, and other important processes are running at full efficiency.


  • 1. Organize Your Technology:Tools and Tips to organize,sync and simplify your life

2. Image from 3. Organize 4. DEPUPE YOUR FILES 5. Duplicate Cleaner Delete Duplicate Files 6. Organize Your Files 7. Create Folders Right Click on Desktop (or within folder) New > Folder Name Meaningfully 8. Everything Has a Place No Files left on Desktop or in folder Create as many folders as needed Folders Need Meaningful NamesTip: Use Folder View with Preview On to peak at files without opening themor use the slide arrow to make images largest enough to preview 9. Moving Files PC: Hold control to select multiple files Control + X = Cut Control + V = Paste Control + A = Select All Alternatively, you can drag files to a new folder Mac Hold Command to select Multiple Files One select, click and drag to new folderTip: Make sure you cut dont copy files as you move them 10. Rename Files Image003 v. 2011JulyGabrielPoolParty100 11. PURGE 12. Do you reallyneed it?Picture Source 13. Change Your Set-Up Change your default Save Destination & Download Destinations to Desktop (Not my documents or downloads- where things will just gather) 14. Never Let it Happen Again When Downloading Rename Pictures, Documents give ameaningful Name Date Event Person Tag if possible 15. Downloading PicturesDelete, Delete, Delete 16. The Key: ClearYour DesktopRegularly 17. Organize incoming knowledge to maximize thetime you have and to avoid becoming overwhelmed 18. Consider an Information Diet 19. BE AWARE OF NETFLIX QUEUE SYNDROME WITH YOUR NEWSTwitter, Email, RSS, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LInkedIn 20. Consider Dumping Redundant News Sources Those you are saving for later Topics no longer of interest 21. Social Media Follow in ONE place Why are you followingthem? If you skim or skip them70% of the time delete,hide or unfollow 22. Cleaning Up Facebook Delete your likes Hide annoying family Unfriend a few people Create lists of close friends and family 23. Hide a Persons Feed 24. Email Get rid of the bacon Create an account orfolder just for signingup 25. Tools you can use to helpyourself stay organized 26. Flipboard 27. Microsoft One Note 28. Evernote 29. Organizing Apps CardStar Passbook Reminders/ Forget the Milk Notes 30. Organize yourtechnology to ensuredata security, back-ups, and otherimportant processesare running at fullefficiency. 31. Look into Password Managers Features: Multi-browser Multi-device Password Generators LastPass, Norton, Dashlane 1.1 32. Passwords Change Everything! One word is not enough words, symbols, numbers, capitalization Longer the better Double Authentication when possible 33. Security Questions First Pet? LIE!!!!!!!!!First Car?Favorite Book?Grandmothers Maiden Name? First Concert? Mothers Maiden Name? 34. Back-up Dropbox SugarSync Carbonite iCloud 35. Analyze YourSettings Browser Extensions Uninstall Programs Turn off items on start menu 36. Contact Me Diana