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<ol><li> 1. Ostrato 2014 OpenStack Boston Jennifer Galvin and Brock Spradling </li><li> 2. OpenStack Overview Ostrato cloudSM Overview How Ostrato cloudSM Helps Openstack Users Agenda </li><li> 3. What is OpenStack? OpenStack began in 2010 as an open-source cloud-software framework, to create an abstraction to expose Infrastructure as a Service on commodity hardware OpenStacks modular architecture provides choice in vendor, giving organizations the flexibility to swap out hardware and components without altering how the platform is accessed or managed Many public clouds implement OpenStack to attract customers, as they can reuse their existing processes and workloads </li><li> 4. OpenStack Components (Juno) Users API Admins Compute (Nova) Object Storage (Swift) Dashboard (Horizon) Telemetry (Ceilometer) Identity Service (Keystone) Networking (Neutron) Image Storage (Glance) Block Storage (Cinder) Database (Trove) Orchestration (Heat) Elastic Map Reduce (Sahara) </li><li> 5. nova boot flavor 1 image 397e713c-b95b-4186-ad46- 6126863ea0a9 key-name key_pair1 myserver nova list swift upload my_container ~/this_object What Does This Allow You To Do? With The GUI With The API c O N T R O L OpenStack is Software To Control Your Cloud </li><li> 6. Private Cloud Business Group A Business Group BIT Frost &amp; Sullivan:80% polled said they circumvented IT to use cloud-based tools at companies &gt;1000 Still, Managing the Cloud is Hard </li><li> 7. Service Amazon OpenStack vCloud, vCHS Compute EC2 Nova ESXi, vCPU Networking Route 53, VPC Neutron vMotion, vCloud Image AMI/Marketplac e Glance vApp, vCHS Marketplace Block Storage EBS Cinder VMFS, vSAN Object Storage S3 (object) Glacier (archive) Swift (Object) N/A Orchestration CloudFormation Heat vCloud Director Messaging SQS, SNS Rabbit MQ vFabric Identity Mgmt IAM Keystone N/A Telemetry CloudWatch Ceilometer N/A Load Balancing ELB, Beanstalk N/A vCloud Automation Center CDN CloudFront N/A N/A Co-location Direct Connect N/A N/A Caching Elastic Cache N/A N/A And Services Arent Common Across Providers </li><li> 8. A CLOUD MANAGEMENT PLATFORM THAT POWERS THREE KEY FUNCTIONS: o USER: A Secure STOREFRONT to provision &amp; order ANY cloud service from any cloud provider o IT: An API ABSTRACTION layer for Enterprise to Cloud integration &amp; IT tool automation o BUSINESS: GOVERNANCE and REPORTING for real-time meta tagging and spend / usage analytics What is Ostrato cloudSM? </li><li> 9. What is a Cloud Broker? Cloud Brokers o Aggregate Services o IT Automation o RBAC o Real-time Visibility o Workflow CM Platform </li><li> 10. GET /parking_calendars 200 OK [ { "name": "Schedule A", "id": , "calendar_url": , "times": { What Does This Allow You To Do? With The GUI With The API c O N T R O L cloudSM is Software To Control ALL of Your Cloud Resources From A Single Pane of Glass </li><li> 11. Demo </li><li> 12. How Can Ostrato Help OpenStackers? Vmware AWS Azure Rackspace OpenStack Google Compute Softlayer Terremark 24 % 24 % 14 % 8 % 7 % 5% 4 % 3 % 25 % 13 % 13 % 6 % 13 % 19 % 6 % 6 % 2014 Ostrato Cloud Computing Survey challenges/ </li><li> 13. How Can Ostrato Help OpenStackers? Translation of AWS Cloud Formation Templates to cloudSM Composites Help Your Developers Adopt OpenStack { "Parameters": { "InstanceType": { " Default": "m1.small", "Type": "String", "ConstraintDescription": "must be a valid EC2 instance type.", "Description": "WebServer EC2 instance type", "AllowedValues": [ "t1.micro", "m1.small", </li><li> 14. 62% Require More Than CSP Console </li><li> 15. Thank you Jennifer Galvin 202-549-5009 </li><li> 16. cloudSM Architecture </li></ol>