Open Source In The Enterprise

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Presentation on Open Source Software in the enterprise given to the Middle Georgia IT users group. 9/24/2009


  • 1. Middle Georgia IT Users Group
    Contact Information:
    6:00-6:10 Welcome/Introduction
    6:10-6:40 Presentation/Discussion
    6:40-6:50 Upcoming Events/New Business
    6:50-Until Open Discussion/Networking

2. What is Open Source Software?
What is Free Software?
3. Mike Dodds
4. The Godfather of Free Software:
Richard M Stallman (rms)
Founded the GNU (GNUs Not Unix) project in 1983 in response to being denied access to source code for an early laser printer driver
Founded the Free Software Foundation in 1986
Wrote the General Public License (GPL) v1 in 1989, v2 in 1991
Author of the GNU compiler (gcc), emacs and several more
5. Definition of Free SoftwareRichard Stallmans 4 freedoms:
Run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0)
Study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs (freedom 1)
Redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2)
Improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits (freedom 3)
6. General definition of open source
Bruce Perens created the Open Source Definition, a general definition encompassing most Free software licenses
His main agenda is to educate business about open source software, to make a business case rather than a social one
7. Free vs. free
Open Source and Free Software are very similar (but not identical) and the definition can usually be interchanged.
Free softwares capital F is used to denote 2 meanings of free:
1. Free as in free beer
2. Free as in freedom (the ability to use, distribute and modify the software as you wish)
8. Common examples of Free Software
MediaWiki (i.e. WikiPedia)
Mozilla Firefox
Audacity (audio editor)
9. Common Licenses
General Public License (GPL) v2 most popular license
Examples using v2
Linux kernel
The GNU software suite (gcc etc.)
MySQL database
Asterisk (PBX software)
60+ % of the software on freshmeat and sourceforge
10. Common Licenses
General Public License (GPL) v3
Newer, not as popular yet v3+
11. BSD License least restrictive license
Free BSD
Open BSD
PostgreSQL database
Apache license similar to BSD license

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12. Apache Web server 13. Most popular Web server on the Internet