Open Source Adoption in the Enterprise

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  • 1. Open Source Adoption in theEnterprisebyPrajod VettiyattilLead ArchitectWipro Technologies

2. DISCLAIMERThe views expressed in this presentation are the views of thespeaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of WiproTechnologies Ltd. 3. Agenda What is Open Source? Why use Open Source? How to adopt? Where to use? Who are involved? 3 4. WHAT 4 5. Open SourceOpen Source software (OSS) is computer software that is available in source code form - Wikipedia Open Source and free for use Up front cost: None Maintenance: Pay for maintenanceand support Closed Source and pay for use Up front cost : Pay for purchase Maintenance: Pay for maintenance and support What Why How Where Who 5 6. Open Source and Closed Source: ExpenditureExpenditure Open Source Closed SourceAreaCAPEX -NA-AcquisitionConsultingConsultingOPEXSupport SupportWhatWhy How Where Who 6 7. WHY7 8. Why use Open source ? Market momentum Economic Pressures Flexible Cost Model Cloud Migration and Alignment Choice of Support vendors Innovation from wider community More control over software What Why How Where Who 8 9. HOW9 10. Challenges to adoption Support IP Risk Internal ResistanceWhat Why How Where Who 10 11. The support options SLA based support Consulting Flexible support models Competing vendorsWhat Why How Where Who 11 12. Handling IP Risks Open Source Usage Policy Contract with supportvendors Governance team What Why How Where Who12 13. Handling Internal Resistance Address Concerns Opportunity related Control related Product Capability related Training Vendor supported Internally driven What Why How Where Who13 14. WHERE14 15. Where to use Open Source ? Product driven decision Popular product Internal acceptance Skills are available Analysis driven decision Business requirements Product availability Vendor availability Product capability Skill availabilityWhat Why How Where Who 15 16. Where is Open Source being used ? Operating Systems Linux Development Environment CVS, Eclipse CRM Sugar CRM, OpenCRX ESB WSO2, Mule, ServiceMix Web servers Apache, Tomcat What Why How Where Who16 17. For solutions moving to the Cloud Cloud readiness Deployable on the Cloud Open Source Vendors Cloud Many cloud platforms on OpenSource Elastic Pricing Models What Why How Where Who17 18. WHO? 18 19. Who are involved? Open source community Support vendors Software service providers Closed source providers What Why How Where Who19 20. Leading the adoption Securities Insurance Energy Healthcare What Why How Where Who20 21. EPILOGUE 21 22. Going forward Awareness of the changingOpen Source landscape Cloud Adoption amongorganizations Economic Cycles Completeness of SoftwareStacks Choice among support vendors 22 23. Closing comments Opportunity Good Traction Customer pull Drivers SLA based support Maturing Business Model Economic Pressures Momentum Software Vendors Service Providers23 24. Questions24 25. THANK 25