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Examples of open government projects from around the world exploiting the benefits of cloud computing. Includes examples from Canada, Colombia,UK and EU. As presented at Major Cities of Europe Conference in Vienna, June 2012.


  • 1. Open Government Open Innovation and the CloudMark Gayler WW Open Software Lead, Microsoft magayler@microsoft.comMajor Cities of Europe 2012 - Vienna

2. Open Data inAgendaCitiesWhat can welearn? Open Government Open Innovation The Cloud as The Cloud enabler 3. Open Data is Global 4. Open Data ApplicationsTypical Characteristics Open data Developed by Often called protocols e.g. citizens MashupsXML, KML, CSV Utilize crowdsourcing Exploit mobility Local relevance 5. Apps for Democracy$2.3MValue of 47 open data apps to Washington DC at acost of $50,000 in 30 days 6. Stumble SafelyOpen Government with Law Enforcement Anonymized DC MashupMobile data Transit data Crime data Location of bars and restaurants Mobile 7. Open Data and the CloudOpen Government and Open Innovation Cloud is Open Low entry cost Drive InnovationBuild quicklyMinimalinfrastructureHighly scalableData agility*Graphic courtesy techlabs.com 8. VanPark2010Open Government with Commercial Data 2010 Winter OlympicsParking AppCloudCombinesCity parking dataCommercialparking data 9. Eye on EarthOpen Government with Environment European Environment Agency MobileCloudMonitors air andwater qualityCitizens ratequality via SMS 10. City of Medicine HatOpen Government with the Cloud Open Data Catalogue Alberta, CanadaCloudCatalogue builtin few daysMinimal CAPEXUltra-low cost 11. Government with Big Data Weather Data UK Met Office Cloud IntegrationBig DataLarge volumeDaily dataHourly updates 12. Government of ColombiaOpen Government and e-Government Government of Colombia Transparency Cloud eGovernment Insight Accountability 13. The Colombian Government, in order to contribute toTransparency, Participation,and Collaborationand awareness of the importance of promoting initiativesthat favor an open Government, makes available this Website that seeks to facilitate access to and use of public dataof the Colombian 14. systemsmore services than thecity could provide if it focused on presentation developmentrather than opening the data publicly through web services 15. Opportunity for CitiesOpen Government, Open Innovation and The CloudDrive Smartinnovation Enhance transparencyStimulate and business and accountability Social economic growthCultural InclusionTechnologicalEnhance Engage citizensOrganizational competitiveness


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