ONLINE VIDEO STUFF Oh Yeah, and YouTube SEO and Marketing

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Let's Embrace YouTube which is the most popular video platform for video engagement in the blogosphere with 81.9% of total embedded and linked videos; followed by Vimeo (8.8%), Daily Motion (4%) and MySpace (1.1%).

Text of ONLINE VIDEO STUFF Oh Yeah, and YouTube SEO and Marketing

  • ONLINE VIDEO STUFFOh Yeah, and YouTube SEO and Marketing Mark Robertson -
  • Why Online Video?30,317,131,000 * Vs.15,500,000,000 Search Queries ***U.S. Comscore Video Metrix - Videos Viewed April 2010 | ** ComScore Core Search Report April 2010
  • Search Drives Video Traffic % of category % in share of % of category % in share of traffic from traffic from traffic from traffic from Category search engines search engines Google Google 4/09 4/08-7/09 4/09 4/08 4/09Health & Medical 46.29% 1% 33.88% 10%Travel 36.82% 8% 27.91% 20%Shopping & Classifieds 24.04% -5% 17.28% 4%News & Media 21.35% -2% 15.48% 6%Entertainment 26.51% 11% 18.78% 24%Business & Finance 20.91% 16% 15.01% 29%Sports 14.93% 20% 10.88% 30%Online Video** 36.04% 25% 27.24% 39%Social Networking** 17.73% 6% 11.87% 18%All figures are based on U.S. data from the Hitwise sample of 10 million Internet users 4/09. **Denotes a custom categorySource: Hitwise, an Experian company
  • Why YouTube? 13,087,462,000 ** 3,705,000,000 ***U.S. Comscore Video Metrix - Videos Viewed April 2010 | ** ComScore Core Search Report April 2010
  • Why YouTube?YouTube is the most popular video platform for video engagement in the blogosphere with 81.9% of total embedded and linked videos; followed by Vimeo (8.8%), Daily Motion (4%) and MySpace (1.1%). ** YouTube Report
  • YouTube Fun Facts 2 Billion video views/day = 23,000 videos/second 24 hours uploaded/min = 2X audience of all 3 major U.S. TV networks combined More video is uploaded to YT in 60 days than the traditional TV networks created in 60 years Average length of a YouTube video is 4 min 12 sec ** Popular countries for YouTube within blogs are U.S., Brazil, Spain, U.K. and Canada.** In the U.S., most engaged bloggers with video live in CA, NY, TX, PA & FL**YouTube is Profitable? Monetizing (mostly through Google Ads) >1Billion video views per week*Comscore April Online Video Metrix | ** YouTube Report
  • YouTube Marketing and Optimization Quality content SEO Audience Basics
  • Focus on Quality and EngagementNot TV Advertising - Lean Back vs. Lean Forward"Its got to be 30 sec?" My answer is, tell the story first Shorter is almost always sweeter Focus on first 15 secTelling a story: Engage customers Educate customers Point of differentiation Entertain customers Be different Sales increased 700%, 5X the companys old record Write with keyword in mind (if applicable)
  • Success = More than Keywords & TextYouTube Ranking Factors Title Description Tags Views & frequency Likes, dislikes Playlist additions Flagging Shares Comments Age of video Video Responses Subscribers Favorites Embeds & inbound links
  • YouTube Ranking Factors Holistic EffortMore Possible YouTube Ranking Factors Social Media Activity & Buzz Blogs Degree & frequency of community News/Press/Press Release interaction Crowd Sourcing Influencers & Media Playlists YouTube Partner Program Flagging Close Captioning/transcriptions Honors Insight/Trends/Analytics indicators Bulletins Authority Channel (Ex: BMW) Google & YouTube searches Channel Views Social Bookmarking
  • Uploading to YouTubeRecommendations for Uploading to YouTube Take advantage of HD HD quality, multiple options 16:9 Aspect Ratio Recommended (4:3) letterboxed Resolution HD = 1280x720 or 1080p Else = 640x360 (16:9), 480x360 (4:3) Mp4 file format .h264 video compression AAC or MP3 audio compression Frames per second: 30 Maximum length: 10:59 (recommend 2-3 minutes) Maximum file size: 2 GB
  • Tips for Uploading to YouTubeTitles are important Trade-off = Search keywords vs. enticing titlesMaximize descriptive text Leverage descriptions liberally (5000 characters) Leverage tags optimize & de-optimize (no spam) Important keywords first in titles, descriptions & tagsEnable interaction Embedding and sharing Commenting and ratingConsider manually uploading or API More characters available for titles, descriptions, tags vs. uploading tools Geo-tagging, CC, Annotations, etc To take advantage of YouTube, you really should be an active community member anyway
  • Engage the Audience & Drive InteractionAdd URLs to descriptions Track with tiny URLsLeverage annotations Drive viewers to other videosEngage the community Subscribe to relevant users Add video responses when appropriate Encourage linking and embeddingDont Ignore your Channel Channel URLs followed Site URL followed
  • YouTube Marketing - Think outside YouTube Its more than YouTube now. Competitive keywords require additional effort OUTSIDE of YouTube
  • Promote and Promote Again Distribute via most popular YouTube channel available to you Leverage social sharing functionalities Post to your blog Crowd source -Target/Use Key Influences Spread the word internally Encourage your company to help seed/spread the word
  • Track, Measure and Learn!
  • YOUTUBE CONVERSION TIPSDriving YouTube viewers back to you
  • Video Conversion - Driving Viewers HomeHow can you drive interested YouTube viewers back to your website? 1) URL in Description 2) In-Video Calls to Action - Must include http:// - Use URL shortener tracking, nofollow - Teasers, Coupons, Promo codes, Call tracking #s, Unique URLs, Etc
  • Driving Video Views YouTube PromoteYouTube Promoted Videos Pay Per Click/View Keyword bidding Drives video views
  • Video Conversion - Driving Viewers HomeWHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW Bonus = Free call to action overlay Auto-play on channel = more views Starts at $0.01 CPC Cost per click off-site? $0.00 What you dont know? Overlay is yours regardless = FREE
  • Closed Captions & Speech Recognition Apr. 2007 - Google 411 Whether or not free-411 is a profitable business unto itself is yet to be seen... The reason we really did it is because we need to build a great speech-to-text model that we can use for all kinds of different things, including video search. - Googles Marissa Mayer Sept. 2008 GAudio launches Nov. 2009 - Google Rolls out automated YouTube closed captions (limited) Mar. 2010 Automated captioning for all videos (Beta English only)
  • Example Search DFWSEM
  • What You Didnt Know YouTube & Google Index CC CC/Subtitles dont require audio Can help with longtail searches Weight = ?? Not much yet
  • Why Closed Capti