Once upon a vine

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2. JAN 24 TWITTER OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES VINE We Are SocialClient Name Document Title Date Page 3. The rst Vine Is a pair of cute kids on a trainWe Are Social 4. FEB VINE GETS GIVEN AN ADULT RATINGWe Are Social 5. An early setback! ..the apple app store gives Vine an adult rating warning under 17s not to download the appWe Are Social 6. VINE CLAWS IT BACK MARCH WE SEE VINES FIRST MOVIE TRAILERWe Are Social 7. The Wolverine tweaser released And quickly becomes the most RTd Vine to dateWe Are Social 8. VINE TELLS THE NEWSAPRIL A VINE OF THE BOSTON BOMBING GOES VIRALWe Are Social 9. A Vine is made of the bombings on TV.. ..which gets picked up and makes the news as Vine becomes the number 1 downloaded app on in the app storeWe Are Social 10. VINE IS 100MAY VINE TURNS 100 DAYS OLD AND CELEBRATES WITH A BROOMSTICK We Are Social 11. FLYING BROOMSTICK VINES TAKE OFF Ethan Nudds I dont even know YouTube vid starts a copycat Vine crazeWe Are Social 12. INSTASCRAMBLEJUNE FACEBOOK FIGHTS BACK WITH INSTAGRAM VIDEO We Are Social 13. EVERYONE CAN BE FAMOUS FOR 15 SECONDS As Vine is released for Android, Instagram breaks into the shortform video marketWe Are Social 14. JULY VINE LAUNCH 15 CHANNELSWe Are Social 15. VINE GETS SOPHISTICATED Private Vines and easy to search channels including comedy, music and nature and each have their own feed on the appWe Are Social 16. AUGUST VINE HITS 40M USERSWe Are Social 17. ITS A BIG SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE IN!We Are Social 18. SLAM DUNKINSEPTEMBER VINE MAKES THE T.VWe Are Social 19. DUNKIN DONUTS RUNS FIRST VINE TV AD During the Monday Night Football show on ESPN Dunkin Donuts aim for a younger 2nd screen xated audienceWe Are Social 20. BACK TO THE FUTUREOCTOBER VINE INTRODUCES TIME MACHINE AND SESSIONSWe Are Social 21. VINE SPECS UP The new version of the app allowed you to edit clips, delete and re-record them, or save a session for laterWe Are Social 22. VINE ON WINDOWSNOVEMBER MICROSOFT TAKES 3RD PLACE OS PRIORITYWe Are Social 23. VINE IS NOW AVAILABLE ACROSS MOST HANDSETS Having twitters nancial and development muscle behind them allows Vine to be available to new users further driving adoptionWe Are Social 24. YOURE SO VINEDECEMBER VINE ROLLS OUT VANITY NAMESWe Are Social 25. VANITY LEADS TO VISIBILITY Vine release vanity URLs which allow our old vines to be found much more easily, what a lovely Christmas pressieWe Are Social 26. #thanksWe Are Social