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  1. 1. Business ProcessManagement SystemOCS InventoryHardware andSoftware
  2. 2. What is OCS NG The Open Computers and Software Inventory Next Generation is a toolfor "discovery" of hardware and software on a network. It is an open source project based on tools of great acceptance by themarket: Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL. It has an architecture that allows great performance. It is capable ofscanning 1,000,000 of computers a day using a server bi-Xeon 3 GHz with4 GB RAM. In Brazil has a success story in the Bank of Brazil, where more than140,000 workstations were inventoried. Tool Site: http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/en/
  3. 3. What is OCS NG Inventory of detailed information about drives, operating system,installed software, monitor and other hardware components. Distribution system for the agent. Administration web Console. Agents for many operating systems including Microsoft Windows,Linux, * BSD, Sun Solaris, IBMAIX, HP-UX, MacOS X. 3-tier architecture using market standards: HTTP, HTTPS and XML. Web service accessible through SOAP interface. Programming API for creating plugins.
  4. 4. What is Supravizio Business Process for Management System Allows you to model, execute and manage businessprocesses. Can be used to: IT Service Management with ITIL; Automate maintenance of Active Directory; Human Resources; Facilities and Infrastructure; Finance, etc.
  5. 5. What is Supravizio
  6. 6. How does the integration workAfter importing the configuration item, itmay be used in Work Orders anddisplayed in management Reports.The accumulateddata by the OCS areimported periodically for a Supravizioroutine.
  7. 7. Processes for Configuration ManagementDuring the import of hardware and software of the OCSdatabase Supravizio identifies events (new hardware, remove thememory, etc.) and notifies the process engine. The process analyst can thenmodel a workflow for configuration management and handle these events.New hardwareNew softwareNew componentNew component printerNew component network cardNew component controllerNew software installationNew software installation on blacklistNew memoryRemoval of memoryRemoval of componentRemoval of monitorRemoval of controllerRemoval of sound cardUninstalling software...Others
  8. 8. Processes for Configuration ManagementIn the picture below we can see a Work Order generated by the importer afterdetecting a software installation on blacklist.
  9. 9. Inventory detailsIn the work order screen there isa button that makesthe online query of theOCS Inventory.All data collected for thestation are presented in thisreport including existing softwareinstallations.
  10. 10. Reports
  11. 11. Pivot TablesThe Pivot Table structure allowsthe user to build his queries bydragging and dropping columns.The query is performed on theOCS database.
  12. 12. Pivot Tables
  13. 13. Contact for more information:55 11 5087 8899wallace@venki.com.brVisit the product website:www.supravizio.com