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NWF's Education department is a leader in our organization when it comes to using social media for engagement.

Text of NWF Staff: Intro to Social Media

  • Welcome to the Social Media Bandwagon By Danielle Brigida Social Media Outreach Coordinator National Wildlife Federation
  • Social Networking Social Bookmarking Social News Photo by waynejackson Multimedia Sharing Blogs and Wikis Social Media is an umbrella term for
  • Beyond the Buzzwords
    • Its a new way to do old business .
    • Theres no one way to do it.
    • Its not just for kids .
    • Authentic is better than cool.
  • Edelman Trust Barometer 2009
  • Twitter Facebook Mixx MySpace Change.org Be Present
  • Social Media = Listening Mike Bailey-Gates, Flickr
  • Strategically Choose Your Involvement
  • Find The Super Users
    • Influencers are great friends
    • Ask them for advice
    • Help them and you can learn from it
    Originally uploaded to Flickr by Yeonsang
  • Learn and Apply Study...then test! Originally uploaded to Flickr by Steven S.
  • Maintenance Originally uploaded to Flickr by THOR
    • Update your profile
    • Answer questions
    • Ask questions
    • Interact and participate
    • Search for the easy way
  • Getting started
  • Get to Know a Social Network:
  • The Audience The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is still women over 55 - there are now nearly 1.5 million of them active on Facebook each month.
  • Personal or Organizational?
  • Groups vs. Pages
  • Most Important: Be Yourself Promote NWF when you want to, but as a real person sharing an interesting link or story.
  • Get to know a Microblogging Site:
  • What Does @NWF Tweet?
    • New Blog Entries
    • Random Facts
    • Breaking News
    • Program Info
    • Timely Events
    • Retweet
    • Reply to People
  • NWF Programs on Twitter @NWF, @greenhour, @campusecology, @wildlife_watch @climateclass, @wildlifeaction WildlifeAction
  • NWF Staff on Twitter Danielle Brigida Kristin Johnson Anne Keisman Robin Broitman David Mizejewski Jessica Jones Jan Nelsen Libby Schleichert Jennifer Janssen Ashleigh Poff Jen Fournelle Dominique Burgunder-Johnson Christine Dorsey Jaime Matyas Rachel Faulkner Christy Leckburg Julia Marden Xarissa Holdaway @starfocus and @nwf @ksuzj and @nwf @keisman and @greenhour @rgbroitman @Dmizejewski @wildlife_watch @climateclass @EpSchleichert @Juniperforest @ashpoff @JenFour @dejae @christinenwf @ecosoccermom @KisatchiePine @sunriseave @wildlifeaction @campusecology
  • Overview of StumbleUpon: http://www.stumbleupon.com/productdemo.php Get to Know a Social Bookmarking Site:
  • Say I like puppies... I download the StumbleUpon toolbar. I create a basic profile, checking boxes that relate to puppies (and other things I like).
  • Then... Browse and Rate
    • Discover and rate your pages and others.
    • Build relationships with other Stumblers with similar interests.
    • Rate anyone who mentions you! It will reward them with traffic.
    Say I like puppies...
  • Step 3: In the box that pops up, check the title and give the page a review. Step 4: Pick a topic, add tags, and submit. How to Discover a Page
  • Step 5: Send the link to your StumbleUpon friends to ask for a thumb up. How to Discover a Page
  • Step 6: See who liked it and connect to them. How to Discover a Page
  • StumbleUpon referred 24,437 visitors to NWF.org in the last four months. StumbleUpon referred 7,167 visitors to Greenhour.org in the last four months. StumbleUpon Stats
  • StumbleUpon Benefits Visitors Spend Longer on Site Lower Bounce Rate
  • Get to Know a Multimedia Sharing Site:
  • Engaging People With Connection to NWF Discussion Boards Users (Amateur and Pro) Can Upload Photos to their account and add them to groups.
  • Social Media = Listening Mike Bailey-Gates, Flickr
  • How to Listen : Search News Search Blogs Search Social Sites
  • is Your Friend
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Alerts
    • Google Reader
    Step 1: Listen
  • Pay Attention to Traffic Sources Analytics
  • Step 1: Listen Set up an alert for your topic Alerts
  • Set up an RSS Reader Reader
  • Social Media Tracking Google Alerts Blog Searches -Technorati -Ice Rocket -Boardreader
    • RSS Readers
    • Bloglines
    • Google Reader
    • Feedreader
    • Detail Searches
    • Summize.com
    • Wordpress
    • Del.icio.us
    • Reach a desired audience
    • Engage people
    • Offer opportunities to increase revenue
    Set Goals to Measure If Your Profiles Successfully ...
  • Questions? Photo by jn2race