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  • 1. NuEar Hearing Aids Right for You!!!Are you looking for an American-madehearing aid? Consider NuEar hearing aidproducts! NuEar is American-owned andbased right here in the U.S.A.! Well-respected with the goal of improving theirpatients speech understanding and listeningexperience, NuEar might be just perfect for you! Enhance yourhearing and support your countrys economy at the same time!Both sleek in design and advanced in technology, NuEar providesdigital options that are customized specifically for your hearingloss, tastes, and lifestyle needs. Models are available to suit allpreferences and pocketbooks. Models include the Imagine2, Look,and Miniscopic hearing aids, available in many designs and colorchoices. One is certain to be right for you and your needs! Formore information on your options, contact your hearinghealthcare provider or visit today!While your hearing can never be returned to normal, NuEar iscapable of providing a better, easier listening experience. Fullyprogrammable, advanced digital technology will accommodateyour hearing needs. With the proper fitting and adjustments, yourhearing healthcare provider can provide you with good qualityCalifornia Hearing Aid Professionals626-594-4236 (Glendora)

2. sound sure to ease your ability to communicate! Improving yourdaily listening experience can improve your overall quality of life.Hearing the birds, your children and grandchildren again is not anevent to miss!Contact a hearing healthcare professional about getting a hearingaid evaluation. Be open and direct about your needs and wants ina hearing aid. The more your provider knows about your desiresand questions, the better they can serve you and help you pickthe NuEar hearing aid that is right for you! For More Information About NuEar Hearing Aid Call Us at626-594-4236 (Glendora)or visit Hearing Aid Professionals626-594-4236 (Glendora)


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