North to South: Space for memories

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Slides from Natasha Borg presentation of "North to South: Space for memories" used at a workshop at the Truly Yours conference, Stockholm 091126

Text of North to South: Space for memories

  • 1. With the support of: A project by:
  • 2. Birgu, Malta
  • 3. Oltretorrente (Parma), Italy
  • 4. Hsselby, Sweden
  • 5. What do you want space for? One of the questions posed in Hasselby.
  • 6. Young people in Oltretorrente are interested in keeping the past of their city alive.
  • 7. Birgu square: a place for community activity, celebrations and divisions.
  • 8. The past is brought into the present in Oltretorrente. The resistance vs Fascism in 1922 is superimposed onto the present time & onto contemporary political issues.
  • 9. Memories of the future: what do you want to leave to your city when you die?
  • 10. Birgu. The memory of lost landmarks is kept alive by enthusiasts and amateur historians.
  • 11. Conflicting narratives: Whilst some people do not feel secure in their neighbourhood due to increased immigration and media bias, younger politically engaged groups are pro integration.
  • 12. In Hasselby social tension is represented by the presence of alcoholics who hang around the city centre. These are not accepted by other locals who want them to move to another location.
  • 13.
    • Promoting memory in Birgu.
    • Feasts and celebrations are a way
    • for the community to participate
    • actively and experience a sense of
    • belonging.
  • 14. Tourism in Birgu. Value creation through historical conservation.
  • 15. 1950s - Modernistic urban planning. Early 20th century Hasselby was planned and built as a Villa City a green upmarket area.
  • 16. In Oltretorrente, local administration is trying to sanitise the spaces to create a more chic-bohemian neighbourhood. Houses are downsized into apartments with higher rents. The Mosque has been removed, immigrants shops are relocated to accommodate new projects. Incentives for traditional italian style eateries (osterie) are put in place.
  • 17.
    • Administration in Oltretorrente are organising
    • Events such as the Movida to attract Italian
    • clientele. It is also a good incentive to clean up the area.
  • 18. Barricades in Oltretorrente. Past and Present.
  • 19.
  • 20. Promoting Memory in Birgu.
  • 21. The spaces shaped by the concrete structures offer an ideal environment for graffiti and hip hop culture.
  • 22. Selective memory and nostalgia in Oltretorrente.
  • 23. Collection of micro narratives through sms.
  • 24. In depth narrative interviews.