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Nomadic Computing

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  • 1. Nomadic Computing
    Nan Jia Janet
    Jeremy Shafer
  • 2. What is Nomadic Computing?
    Nomadic Computing Technologies
    How is Nomadic Computing used today?
    Value to Organizations
    Current Limitations
    Future Growth Areas
    Suggested project
  • 3. The definition of the term nomadic computing has changed over time:
    According to the WiMAX forum, nomadic = semimobile.
    Semimobile means At a minimum, the client mobile device is transportable to secondary fixed locations with no connection while in transit.
    In broader industry, nomadic = mobile
    Mobile computing takes place when portable computing devices interact in some fashion with a central information system. Users access the Internet and data on their home or work computers while away from the normal, fixed workplace
    What is Nomadic computing?
  • 4. More about mobile computing:
    Enables the mobile worker to: create, access, process, store, communicate information without being constrained to a single location
    Enables interaction with organizational personnel that were previously disconnected
    Ideally, users are not constrained to a single device
    Mobile computing aims to be Ubiquitous and Pervasive
    What is Nomadic computing?
  • 5. Mobile computing is accomplished using a combination of: computer hardware, system and applications software, some form of communications medium
    Hardware : Palmtop, Clamshell , Handheld Penkey , Penslate , Laptop
    Software : MSDOS , Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/NT , Windows for Pen Computing , Windows CE , PenDOS , PenRight , Palm OS , Psion EPOC32 , Unix
    Communication technologies : Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) , Satellite , Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) , Personal Communications Systems (PCS) , Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) , RAM and ARDIS data networks , Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) service , one and two-way paging , plain old telephone system (POTS) , Internet , infra-red,docking (serial, parallel, LAN),disk swapping
    Nomadic computing technology
  • 6. Some popular mobile devices:
    Apple iPhone
    Blackberry Curve
    HTC Touch
    Helio Ocean
    Nokia N95
    Samsung Upstage
    this is just a
    short list.
    Nomadic computing technologies
  • 7. Some wireless network options:
    Nomadic computing technologies
  • 8. For individual users, performs functions such as: email, Web browsing , word processing , scheduling , contact management , to-do lists , messaging , presentation
    -Mobile devices: laptop computers, handheld devices (PDA, mobile phone, pager, video camera, digital camera)
    -Wearable devices (smart watches and digital glasses)
    How is nomadic computing used?
  • 9. For Estate Agents
    Emergency Services
    In courts
    In companies
    Stock Information Collation/Control
    Credit Card Verification
    Taxi/Truck Dispatch
    Electronic Mail/Paging
    How is nomadic computing used?
  • 10. Improved Information Accessibility
    Increased Operational Efficiency
    • Field Sales
    • 11. Transportation and Shipping
    • 12. General Dispatching
    • 13. Hotel Operations
    • 14. News Reporting
    • 15. Health Care
    • 16. Car Rental Agencies
    • 17. Fieldwork
    • 18. Mobile Automation
    Increased Management Effectiveness
    Value for organizations
  • 19. Disconnection
    Low bandwidth
    High bandwidth variability
    Low power and resources
    Security and Privacy risks
    Wide variety of devices with different capabilities
    Device attributes
    Fit more functionality into single, smaller device
  • 20. Future Growth Areas
  • 21. A suggested exploratory/experimental project
    Good Citizen Software
    Addresses a basic human function ... to warn
  • 22. GCS Phase I
    Objective: Build a simple notification agent that can run on multiple nomadic platforms.
    Build public good will.
    Partner with government and/or news organizations.
    Maximize the install base.
    Use only as needed.
    Establish test schedule.
    Profit Model: None / Charitable service
  • 23. GCS Phase II
    Description: Leverage GPS technology to allow users to tag physical space
    Objective: Build a popular nomadic social network. Do not over-notify users. This service works because:
    It is mobile
    It is free
    It is platform independent
    Profit Model: None / Entertainment service
  • 24. GCS Phase III
    Description: Market the data with business value.
    Objective: Establish a revenue stream.
    Profit Model: Market Intelligence
  • 25. GCS Phase IV
    Description: Leverage a ubiquitous and pervasive install base.
    Objective: To be determined
    Profit Model: To be determined
  • 26. Questions?