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2. Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 7 January 1943) was aSerbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanicalengineer, electrical engineer, and futurist. He was an important contributor to the use ofcommercial electricity, and is best known for hiscontributions to the modern alternating current (AC)electrical supply system.Source: 2 3. Tesla attended school at theHigher Real Gymnasium inKarlovac. In 1875, Tesla went on to studyelectrical engineering at theAustrian Polytechnic in Graz. In December 1878, Tesla leftGraz and severed all relationswith his family. Source: wikipedia.com3 4. On 6 June 1884, Tesla arrived in NewYork City with four cents in his pocket, aletter of recommendation, a few poems,and remnants of his belongings. His trip across the Atlantic had not beenpleasant; his ticket, money and some ofhis luggage had been stolen Source: 4 5. Edison hired Tesla to workfor his Edison MachineWorks. Teslas work for Edisonbegan with simple electricalengineering and quicklyprogressed to solving someof the companys mostdifficult problems. Source: 5 6. In 1885, Tesla claimed that he couldredesign Edisons inefficient motor andgenerators, making an improvement inboth service and economy. According toTesla, Edison remarked:"Theres fifty thousand dollars in it for you - ifyou can do it".Source: wikipedia.com6 7. After months of work, Tesla finally finishedthe task and inquired about payment.Edison claimed he had been only jokingand replied:"Tesla, you dont understand our American humor". Source: 7 8. In 1887, Tesla constructed a brushlessalternating current induction motor, whichhe demonstrated to the American Instituteof Electrical Engineers in 1888. In April 1887, Tesla began investigatingwhat would later be called X-rays using hisown single terminal vacuum tubes Source: wikipedia.com8 9. Tesla demonstrated wireless energytransmission as early as 1891. This so-called Tesla effect refers to the movementof energy through space and matter.Source: 9 10. In the late 1880s, Tesla and Thomas Edisonbecame adversaries in part because ofEdisons promotion of direct current (DC) forelectric power distribution over the moreefficient alternating current advocated byTesla and Westinghouse.Source: wikipedia.com10