NBN: Rebooted, NBN Co's Matt Dawson

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NBN: Rebooted, NBN Co's Matt Dawson

Text of NBN: Rebooted, NBN Co's Matt Dawson

  • 1. Enabling the digital economy and closing the digital divideMatt DawsonProgram Director SatelliteNBN CoNBN Re-BootedSydney November 18th 2014The contents of this document reflect NBN Cos current position on the subject matter of this document. It is provided for information purposes and is intended to be a guide only. The contents ofthis document should not be relied upon as representing NBN Cos final position on the subject matter, except where stated otherwise. Any views expressed by NBN Co in this document maychange as a consequence of NBN Co finalising formal technical specifications, or legislative, or policy and regulatory developments. Any dates provided are indicative only, are subject to change andare dependent upon a number of factors. All prices shown in this document are exclusive of GST.PUBLIC | NBN Co 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 2

2. Why Satellite?Enable the Digital Economy Building a National Broadband Networkfor ALL Australians Using a Multi Technology Mix (MTM) oftechnologies to deliver broadbandClose the Digital Divide Satellite becomes a cost-effective choicebeyond the economical reach of othertechnologies Uniform National Pricing to deliver LTSservices at subsidised prices.PUBLIC | NBN Co 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 3 3. The Satellite Product JourneyPUBLIC | NBN Co 2014 UNCLASSIFIED 44AustralianBroadband Guarantee(ABG)2005-2011Interim Satellite Solution(ISS)2011-2016Long-TermSatellite(LTS)2016-2030ABG ISS NSS LTSDesign Downlink Speed 512kbps 6 Mbps* 3Mbps* 25 Mbps*Bitstream ConnectivityLayer 3 (IP) Layer 3 (IP) Layer 3 (IP) Layer 2 (Ethernet)Network Capacity