My Banned Story!

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I didn't have BannedStory downloaded, so I just made the pics and pasted them onto a powerpoint. I hope you like it :)

Text of My Banned Story!


2. Master! Master! What is it, Zornthope? Lycanthrope Lvl: 177 3. Everything is going According to plan. Perfect 4. Meanwhile. Slime Lvl: 1 Stella Warrior Female Lvl:39 5. *Sigh* These Things just wont give up!!!! 6. They ran away? Whats going on? 7. HUH???? Whats that??? 8. 9. ! 10. Red Wyvern Lvl: 97 11. AAAAAAAAH! Whats going on with that thing??? 12. RUN AWAY!!!!!!! 13. The Town of Henysys Sir! Mister Administrator Sir! Whaddya Want? 14. Somethings Wrong with Maple Story! Theres nothin Wrong with it. 15. Come with me and youll see what I mean. You can see the anomaly. Fine. Show me this anomaly. 16. Invite me to your party please. My name is Stella. My name is Gueness. Gueness Thief Male Lvl:40 17. Heh.... There aint gonna be an anomaly. ITS JUST A DUMB JOKE. 18. WHA????!?!??!?!?? 19. 20. Its gonna make more monsters!!!! RUN!!!!!! 21. Doom Crow Lvl: 109 22. Only 1 monster??? 23. Cyclone. Cyclone Dive: Doom Crow's coup de grace. A diving strike that does massive light damage. 24. DIVE!!!!!! 25. Here it comes.Im gonna die!!!!!! 26. Toh! Gyaaaaaarggh! 27. YOUVE GOT TO WATCH OUT FOR ZE DOOM CROWS CYCLONE DIVE. IT CUN BE DEENGERUS. 28. Who or what the heck are you??? 29. MY NEEM IS SHINER. I AM FRUM ZAT TING U CALL AN ANOMALY. 30. ZE VAN DAT MADE DEEZ ANOMALIES IS NEEMED- 31. Humph. Meddling little brat! He will be dearly punished for almost saying who I was. I want to introduce myself. ??? Unknown Class Male Lvl:3890 32. Wh-Who are you??? 33. Dont tell me you have already forgotten your brother!!!!!!!! 34. SHAW-KEY?????? 35. Thats right. But even if you are my sister, I cant have you running around and warning people about the anomaly. 36. So now you DIE!!!!!! Black Spirit: Use Necromancy To summon Spirits Of Darkness that Kill your enemy. 37. Is that all? A tiny little morsel of darkness? 38. WATCH OUT GUENESS!!!!! 39. 40. It just keeps growing! I couldnt move out of the way if I wanted to!!!!! 41. Haw! Dancing Blade!!!!!! Dancing Blade: 6 wild slashes cut the enemy into little pieces. 42. FEH. ZAT IS TWICE I HAVE SEEVED YUR BUTTS. YU BETTUR BE THANKFUL. 43. How did you slash that thing????? 44. I,UH..HAV ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA. 45. Try all THESE on for size! 46. Turn around, fool! I HAVE NO NEED TO. 47. 48. Get him, Zornthope. My pleasure, Master! Hyeh hyeh hyeh! 49. DIE!!!!!!!!! 50. What the-AAAARG! Counter Force: A skill that only Shiner can use. He takes no damge from any attack and sends The attack back. I COULD ZEE RIGHT THRU YUR ATTACK. 51. Z-Zornthope! No! You can do it.. EvenWithout me 52. 53. I will AVENGE YOU!!!!! 54. Transformation of Darkness!!!! 55. Its WORKING! 56. Ha ha ha! No one can stop me now!!!!! 57. 58. 59. Please dont do this, Shaw-Key!!!! 60. You think Id listen to you??? Fool! 61. 62. 63. I can teel you how I can keel you. You CANT, you little insect!!!!! 64. Have you ever heard the legend of Fu? 65. He vas a man who fought all day and all night. He vould only rest to eat or sleep. 66. He once vent four dayz witout sleep to fight ze Aleen King. 67. Fu keeled ze Aleen King in just 1 minute. 68. But in his last fight, he vas killed by Buffi, who is ze King of all of our fates. 69. You know vere dis is going, dont you? 70. 71. No WAY! You cant be!!!! I-I-I-Its Impossible!!!! 72. Yes!!! I am Fu!!! 73. No!!!!! Please Dont!!! 74. FinalHeaven Elimination Strike! Final Heaven Elimination Strike:Known only by Spearmenover lvl 600. Extremelystrong and fast. 75. Nooo 76. Hooray! Now that hes gone, no one will try and destroy the world again! 77. That's what we dreamed......... But dreams dont always come true. 78. Next time: The Story Of The Poison Henchman And The Dreaded ROSE Gang!

  • We meet a flirtatious man named Stanley, and find out he was an ex-member of the ROSE Gang. No one used to know what the ROSE gang was until after 2 months of the guild being created, they completely dominated the town of El Nath. We also meet Zenon, a guy who has way too many secret items to not be a hacker.

79. My thanks to BannedStory for giving me all these wonderful pics.