Must-have Plugins for Confluence & JIRA - Atlassian Summit 2010

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Must-have Plugins for Confluence & JIRA Kevin Williams of Atlassian with speakers from Near Infinity, TaskDock, SysBliss, & Pyxis Technologies


  • 1. Chris DAgostino1

2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 5. goals for enterprise edition5 6. make it easy for organizations to deploy Enterprise Edition Easy-to-install plugin No cost to end usersSupports Confluence 2.8 through 3.x 6 7. support a wider range of mobile clients 7 8. improve performancereplaces need to use Atlassians XML-RPC8 9. add social networking features9 10. add social networking features10 11. add social networking features11 12. support multiple accounts 12 13. support multiple accounts 13 14. 2010 Beta Program 14 15. 15 16. Confluence License Standard Pricing Beta Customers10$10$10 25$160 $112100$440 $308500$800 $5602000 $1600$1120 2000+ $2400$1680 16 17. visit for details17 18. Stop by and meet us at our booth! 18 19. Chris DAgostino CEO, NIC Labs19 20. ++ Communicate and Drive WorkowThe TaskDock Team (Erik, Ben and Patrick)Located in San Francisco (founded in 2009)Customers on every continent (except the really cold one)1 21. Warehouse of Information2 22. Sometime it feels deserted3 23. Where is all the activity? 4 24. We all know its trapped in email Content related tasksJoe, can you give feedbackon the mockup? Generalized tasksSally, can you schedule time to meet on this topic? 5 25. The problem of just emailConuence becomes stale No accountability or transparency Productivity bottlenecks are hidden6 26. Bridge the gap with Seamlessly integrated communication and tasks Dont shun the inbox, involve it Gain rich reporting to see what people are up to JIRA integration takes TaskDock even further...7 27. Lets look at an example Joe:Sally: Erik: Lives in JIRA Lives in Email Lives in Conuence 8 28. Managing a mock review9 29. Want to learn more? Head to booth #8 now for a live demo Easy to start with our: 30 day free evaluation Atlassian Starter Pack Licenses Team Edition for small groups in large Twitter: taskdock 10 30. 1 1 31. Pyxis Technologies Beyond aJIRA withClicktocreate sub0tle 22 32. Pyxis Technologies - Since its inception, Pyxis has invested in research and development practices and has developed its expertise of agile principles and practices which make it a partner of choice for any organization who wishes to initiate an agile transition.- As an Atlassian Partner since 2006, Pyxis has initiated the development of GreenHopper JIRA Pyxis Technologies, it is also product 3 3 33. Provides different enhancements around TimeTracking, allowing a best usage of JIRA Time features Provides enhancements to define your Workflows Provides a new way to link issues ... Provides some feature around Project administration ... Some unclassifiable features ... 44 34. Log Work GadgetsWork logging is easier and less constraint foryour users. Ability to qualify your logged spent time (Study, Analysis, Dev., QA, ) No more required to split your issue by activities ... Ability to log work for your Team's members ... 5 5 35. Ability to generate Time-tracking reports using any fields Issue fields, Custom fields, Worklog fields Ability to request Issue on Worklog author using the Worker Customfields ... 6 6 36. Provides a way to associate Edit Operation to a Global WorkflowTransition : Reachable from any Step of your Workflow, Allowing to define your own validators on the Issue edition Provides a way to create your Edit Transitions with their dedicated screen depending on any Workflow Condition Be in control of the integrity of your Data !77 37. Provides an Auto-Transition Service No more Jelly script needed to perform such transitions,like Atlassian Support ;-) ( Define the applicable rules for automatic transitions directly in your Workflow : a JIRA Service will scanyour scope of issues in order to evaluate candidate transitions. Extend the set of available Workflow conditions with Temporal Conditions : 8 8 38. Allows to define preferred Issue Link Type between Issue Types : A Bug causes an Improvement A Bug blocks a New Feature A Task concerns a New Feature Users is also assisted in Issue Link selection ... And, allows to create on demand, the new linkedIssue, using some fields of original issue.99 39. Provides also : Fragment Gadget to access predefined Report, Group Management delegated to Project lead, Statistical report on Transitions Roll-over Backup Plugin Upgrade Manager Use Group Picker Custom field Regexp Custom field Issue operation permission managed by Workflows And today has been extended with a Workflow Designer ... 1010 40. Here, a Video !!! 1111 41. 12 42. FREE MUST HAVES JIRA Plugins Confluence Plugins Suite UtilitiesDocumentation Theme Misc Workflow Extensions Table Plus Timesheet Report and Portlet Content Formatting Copy (partial) space 43. PLUGIN EXCHANGE PLUG(in) 44. JIRA SUITE UTILITIES Author: Alexey Abashev Required Fields Date Comparisons Set Custom Field Values 45. MISC WORKFLOW EXTENSIONS Author: Innovalog SAS-70 Compliance Help Force Comment on Transistion Coordinate Parent/Sub Tasks 46. TIMESHEET REPORT and PORTLET Author: Andriy Zhdanov Simple Summary of time spent Sort by issue/project/user 47. DOCUMENTATION THEME PLUGIN Author: Atlassian Easy Navigation Rounded Edges Header/Footer Adjustable 48. TABLE PLUS Author: Bob Swift Just like regular tables... but better 49. CONTENT FORMATTING Author: Adaptavist #1 in popularity Great for CSS customization Divs, Spans Fonts/Styles/ColorsLozenge Buttons Rollover effects 50. COPY (PARTIAL) SPACE PLUGIN(S)Copy partial space Authors: Atlassian, Valiantys, NikolausPohle Project Templates Documentation Best Practice ! Space sandboxing Copy Page Tree! Only need one restriction Copy Space / 51. TO SUMMARIZE JIRA Plugins Confluence Plugins Suite UtilitiesDocumentation Theme Misc Workflow Extensions Table Plus Timesheet Report and Portlet Content Formatting Copy (partial) space1. All Free2. Please Rate and Review3. Thank Our Plugin Authors


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