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+ Why E-Commerce Multilingual + Challenges in WooCommerce Multilingual sites + Introduction to WooCommerce Multilingual plugin: - how to install - basic settings - features - examples Content credit to: Agnes Bury @agnesbury Saigon, April 19, 2014 Event:

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  • WooCommerce Multilingual sell global with WordPress WooCommerce and WPML
  • About me and the company Dat Hoang Community & Support of OnTheGoSystems Marketing Online OnTheGoSystems WPML Toolset plugins ICanLocalize
  • Agenda Why E-Commerce Multilingual Challenges in WooCommerce Multilingual sites Introduction to WooCommerce Multilingual plugin
  • Why E-Commerce Multilingual Enhance your customer reach sell products to all customers, irrespective of the language they speak Increase competitiveness Gain business credibility and customer trust Be professional Keep all your multilingual elements in different languages, including products Let yourself grow discovering different customers needs
  • Getting ready for multilingual E-Commerce What matters for site visitors each single page in visitors language language switching made easily site for different languages on separate URLs multi-currencies What to translate pages listing all products product description product categories product fields product attributes (size, weight, ...) currencies images
  • Getting ready for multilingual E-Commerce What matters for WordPress editors users expect to create the store once, in site main language then they should only care of product translations product translation management should be easy both to configure and to translate
  • Easy product translation management configuration - all product elements which require translation gathered in one place filter options to see missing translations preview original language when translating flexibility to translate all product information including currency, attributes, images manual work limited to minimum
  • WooCommerce Multilingual What you will need WooCommerce WPML 2.9.3 + String Translation Translation Management Media Translation WooCommerce Multilingual 3.0+ its free in
  • How to configure make sure you have WooCommerce standard pages in your main language more info docs.woothemes. com/document/wooco mmerce-pages/
  • WooCommerce Multilingual - where to start go to WPML -> WooCommerce Multilingual to manage your product translations
  • WooCommerce Multilingual general settings plugin helps to check if you have all needed plugins installed create WooCommerce store pages for missing languages detect taxonomies missing translations
  • Translating categories, tags, attributes WooCommerce Multilingual can automatically detect WooCommerce: product categories, tags, shipping classes, and attributes for translation
  • Size and Color tabs added automatically
  • Product translations
  • Product translations you can manage all product translations in one panel plugin will identify products which miss translations easy access to product title, content, excerpt, images translations you can search products you can filter products by category you can view products in all languages or limit it to a specific language only
  • Front-end view (Vietnamese)
  • Front-end view (English)
  • WooCommerce Multilingual - other features support for WooCommerce product variations automatic inventory updates support for multi- currency Vietnamese admin interface two product translation interfaces to choose: translation table (as presented before) native WooCommerce product editing screen
  • Support and documentation WooCommerce Multilingual support at support at documentation related-projects/ woocommerce-multilingual/
  • WooCommerce extensions compatibility WPML makers work extensively with WooCommerce team to make WooCommerce extensions compatible with WooCommerce Multilingual plugin Multilingual ready Tab Manager Subscriptions Table rate shipping manager-subscription-table-rate-shipping/
  • Real sites with WooCommerce Multilingual? and many more...
  • [German] Source: by Neil Matthews,
  • [English] Source: by Neil Matthews,
  • [English] Source: by Yardena Epstein
  • [Hebrew] Source: by Yardena Epstein
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  • Big Thanks! Dat Hoang Community & Support Vietnam E: W: | | Saigon, April 19, 2014