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  • By: Lesly Sandoval Gino McCarty Adam Cranford

    Multiprotocol Label Switching(MPLS)

    Prof. Mostafa AmmarComputer Networks IISpring 2014

  • 80s & 90s - Internet

    The Fish Problem

    1990 - ATM

    Scalability and overhead

    1995 - Internet explosion

    1996 - Cisco Tag Switching

    1997 - IETF MPLS group


    Lowest Cost path to destination

  • Switching based on fixed 20

    bit labels

    Decoupling routing and


    Explicitly Routed Tunnel

    Label Stacking

    What is MPLS?

  • Label Edge Router (LER)

    Label Switch Router (LSR)

    Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC)

    Label Switch Path (LSP)

    Forwarding Information Table (FIT)

    What is MPLS?

  • Data Plane IP Forwarding Table Label Forwarding Table

    Control Plane IP Routing protocols

    IP Routing table

    Label Information Based (LIB)

    Label Distribution Protocol

  • MPLS Applications

  • Traffic engineering (MPLS-TE)




    QoS, DSCP, CoS - Bandwidth Management

    MPLS Applications

  • Dynamic

    Load and Delay Based Traffic


    Replacement for ATM-PVC which

    are Fully Meshed

    RSVP (Resource Reservation


    Traffic Engineering

  • VPN Service Types

    Layer 2 Customer Handles all


    Layer 3 ISP Participates in

    Routing MP-BGP

  • Anything over MPLS (AToM) L2 packetized encapsulation

    HDLC (High Level Data Link Control) Frame Relay ATM Ethernet*

    VLAN Trunking

  • MPLS Network

  • Class of Service Bit Field

    Experimental Bits

    RED Behavior

  • Queuing Design and QOS

    QOS Quality of Service

    DSCP - Label Differentiated Services Code


    COS - Class Of Service

  • Vendors

  • Hardware Providers

  • Cisco 7600 VS CSR

    3 Slot Chassis15 Mpps forwarding Rate

    240 Gbps throughput


    1152 Slots

    922 Tbps total Throughput

    MPPS : million packets per second , Cisco Specific metric

  • Service Providers

  • MegaPath Backbone

  • MegaPath: Scenario 1 Traditional Voice

    Services require a separate dedicated connections

    Modern VoIP services allow integrated IP and Voice Traffic

  • MegaPath: Scenario 1 Using MPLS allows the

    company to have a single dedicated line for voice and data

    All data including voice and video conferencing benefit

  • MegaPath: Scenario 2 Nationwide corporate

    network using Point-to-Point connection

    Company must manage all connections and communications in house

    Massive management overhead

  • MegaPath: Scenario 2 Service providers(SP)

    like MegaPath offer a way to connect the companies entire network

    Connection is through SPs MPLS backbone and is now managed by the SP

    Entire network benefits from reliability, QoS and security services

  • Questions