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Contact : [email protected]


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The Moxie Team

• Co-Founder and President

• Corporate Strategy, Planning and Marketing

Shawna Simpson

• Co-Founder and CTO

• Product Planning and Development

Geoffrey Simpson

• Investor• Advisor

Tom Junk

• Co-creator Skaflash

• Skaflash product manager

Casey McPherson

• Primary Investor

• Advisor

Robert L. Parker

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Mobile Communication, both voice and SMS, is the fastest growing trend in business communication.

However, small to medium businesses are often left out of this fast growing trend.

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Custom development of SMS and Voice solutions is extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for small business.

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Additionally, these systems can cost small and medium businesses valuable time.

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Moxie Software is an award winning developer and supplier of SMS, Voice, and Mobile applications for medium and small


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Moxie Software primarily serves the following markets.

The Restaurant and Hospitality Industry• Diner Connection was

designed to solve the needs of independent restaurants and local restaurant groups.• 80,000 casual dining

restaurants in the U.S.

The Entertainment and Music Industry• Skaflash helps bands and

entertainment venues create extensive customer and fan lists using SMS communication.• 8 Million Independent

Bands throughout the U.S.

Service and Sales Individuals• ConnectedToUs and

BuzzClerk are solutions for small businesses to manage communication and marketing using SMS and Voice apps.

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Moxie Software products derive income from monthly subscriptions.

Diner Connection

Skaflash ConnectedToUs BuzzClerk

Monthly subscription Cost

$149 $20, $30, $50 $49, $149 In Development

Average Profit 66% 60%, 65%, 70% 66% In Development

Potential Add-On Income

SMS Marketing packages

In Development

None In Development

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Current Competition

Diner Connection

Traditional• Paper Wait List• Coaster Pager Systems (LRS Systems)

Direct Competition• Fresh Text• TurnStar

Advantage• Diner Connection is the only complete Front of

House solution designed with and for the restaurant industry.


Traditional• Paper Lists at Merchandise Tables• Opt In email marketing

Direct Competition• Trumpia• Music Cloud

Advantage• Skaflash is the only solution that both easy

collects and markets to fans and customers.

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Moxie Software is looking to raise $500,000

Continuing Operation

• Salary for existing employees

• Infrastructure


• Regional Diner Connection sales team members

• Individual Salespeople for Skaflash and BuzzClerk


• Increase Development force by 2-3 employees

• Hire dedicated marketing expert

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Thank you!

• Shawna Simpson– CEO and Co-Founder of Moxie Software. B.S. In

Computer Science. 12 years experience in Customer Service Management as well as software development.

[email protected]• Geoffrey Simpson– CTO and Co-Founder of Moxie Software. B.S. In

Computer Science, MBA. 16 years experience in software development. Previously, Chief Software Architect.

[email protected]