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  • Instructions Create a Movie in Movie Maker Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 1
  • MovieMaker Collections this is where all your movie clips, music and photos will be stored Tasks Click on the tasks Watch your and they movie in this will guide screen you through the different processes Story Board drag all your photos, movies, music, transitions etc down to here. Click on the Timeline button to see all the sound Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 2
  • Creativity FunPack You can download a Creativity fun pack from This has free sounds, music, titles and video end credits You will then need to import it into MovieMaker 1. Open Windows Movie Maker 2. 2. Go to File - Import . find where the Creativity funpack is. The default location is in your My Videos folder 3. Before importing the Video Title Slides, uncheck the Create clips for video files box. You need the video files to remain in one piece. 4. Select the clips by pressing Ctrl A on the keyboard and click Open 5. You will need to open each folder and select all of the contents, you cannot import the folders Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 3
  • Capture the movieNote: most DV cameras USB leads will not work on your laptops or computers if you arerunning Windows XP SP2. All new laptops and computers linked to a network will be in thiscategory as they will be updated automatically via the internet. You will need to purchase aFirewire cable for your camera. All laptops will have a firewire port but not all computers. Firewire cable Firewire port Open MovieMaker by going to Start All Programs, it may be in your programme menu or you might need to look in Accessories Turn on your Video Camera and set it to Play or VTR (depending what model you have) The Video capture wizard will start automatically Type in a name for your video. Select where you want your video to be saved Click Next Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 4
  • Capture the movie Select Best quality for playback on any computer if you are just going to be using on your computer. If you want to create a good quality DVD you will need to select Digital Device format or choose from other settings. If you select Other Settings, you can choose other ways to save your movie file. It can be saved to a Pocket PC or you can publish to a website and choose how big you would like the file. If you choose the DV-AVI (PAL) option that will give you a very large file of very good quality that can be burned to DVD, for slightly lesser quality but a significantly smaller file you could choose High Quality video. Click Next. Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 5
  • Capture the movie Click Capture parts of the tape manually Click Next Make sure that the Create clips when wizard finishes check box is ticked Find the place on the Video tape where you want to start downloading by clicking the play button on the Controller Click Start Capture. Click Stop Capture when you have finished Click Finish Use these controls to play and stop your movie Use the Green controller to move quickly through your movie. Or press the Spacebar on your computer to start and stop a clip playing. Dont forget to save as you go by going to File Use these controls to zoom in and out your timeline Save Project so that you can see more or less of all your clips. Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 6
  • Storyboard Youll see your clips in the Collections view. Double click a clip to see how it looks in the preview window. Press Play Click and drag each clip in order to the Storyboard StoryboardSplit a long clip If one of your clips in the Collections View is very long you can split it Click on the clip in the Collections View Click Play and when you see the place you want to split, click the Play button again to Pause it Click on the Split button Your clip will split into two separate clips in the Collection Pane Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 7
  • Combine your clips You can also combine many small clips to make one clip, you can do this in the Collection Window or on the Storyboard or Timeline view Click on the first clip to be combined, hold down your Control key and click on all of the other clips to be combined (they should all be highlighted) Go to Clip Combine in the menu barEdit your clips Click on Show Timeline , click on the clip youd like to trim. Drag the scroll bar and watch the movie in the Preview window. Stop where you want to trim the clip. Go to Clip - Set Start Trim Point. (this will delete everything before) Now continue to drag the scroll bar until you reach the end of your clip. Go to Clip - Set End Trim Point. (this will delete everything after just on that clip) You will now have your trimmed clip. Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 8
  • Import photos In the movie task pane click on Import Pictures Navigate through your My Pictures Folder until you see the pictures you want Click on one and Ctrl Click the other ones you want Click on Import Click and drag the photos down on to the Clip Pane just as you did with the movie clipsAdd Transitions Click View video transitions. Double-click the transitions to see how they look Drag a transition down to the Storyboard and place them in the squares between your video clips. Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 9
  • Add Titles Click Make titles or credits. Add a title before your movie by clicking Type in the words you want to appear on your screen Click Change the title animation, and then select a different animation from the list. A preview will show in the Preview window Click Change the text and font colour, and you can make changes to the font, font size and position and the colour of the text and background. Click Done, Add Title to Movie and your title will be added to your storyboard before your first clip. Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 10
  • Add text to a clip Click Make Titles and Credits Click on a clip that you want to add text on top of Click on Type in text Click on Change the Title Animation and make changes to how it appears on the screen If necessary make changes to font size and colour Click Done, add title to movieAdd credits to end of clip Click Make Titles and Credits Click on Type in text Click on Change the Title Animation and make changes to how it appears on the screen If necessary make changes to font size and colour Click Done, add title to movie Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 11
  • Add Video Effects Click View video effects . Double-click on an effect and it will show an example in the preview window. You will need to be in Story board View Drag the effect of your choice down to the Storyboard and place it on top of the star in the lower left hand corner of the clip. You can add more than one effect to a clip Three effects Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 12
  • Add Music Click on Import audio or music Click on My Documents and then doubleclick My Music folder Double click on any of your music folders Double Click on the music track youd like to use Click on Import. The music track will appear in your Collection view. Click on Show Timeline button in the Storyboard part of your screen. Drag your music track to the Audio/Music part of the Timeline. You can change the place of the music track by clicking and dragging and moving it Jacqui Sharp 2005 Page 13
  • Adjust audio levels Go to