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  • 1.MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj

2. 42 questions Plenty of visuals Keep it simple Qns -1-10 are tie breakers MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 3. 1Recently on the occasion ofInternational Womens Day, this authorwas requested to wear white to show hissupport for the same. He replied saying I dont wear white. I will wear a lightershade of black instead in keeping withthe attire he is usually seen in.He has also written what you see on theleft among other things.Who?MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 4. NEIL GAIMAN 5. 2The ruler of an Indian Princelystate was given an epithet by hisMughal allies indicating that he wasworth more than one man.The epithet is reflected even todayin a practice to indicate that theruler is in residence at the palaceWhat epithet?? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 6. SAWAIIndicating he was worth more than one 7. 3George Orwell is widely believed to be the first to use this term in anessay titled "You and the Atom Bomb", published in Tribune, 19October 1945 although the term came into common usage only a fewyears later.He wrote:We may be heading not for general breakdown but for an epoch ashorribly stable as the slave empires of antiquity. James Burnhams theoryhas been much discussed, but few people have yet considered itsideological implications; this is, the kind of world-view, the kind ofbeliefs, and the social structure that would probably prevail in a Statewhich was at once unconquerable and in a permanent state of ________ with its neighbours.Fill in the blanksMOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 8. COLD WAR 9. 4______ is described by people as far back as Galen and Hippocrates.They thought this occurs as a result of disturbances resulting inmovements of the womb. According to their theory, the uteruswasnt static but could migrate from one part of the body to the otherresulting in abnormal behaviour.What one word fills the blankMOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 10. HYSTERIAFROM THE WORD FOR THE WOMB 11. 5When he appeared on the Da Ali G Show he was made to singthis rhyme"My name is X,X X-Y, put down your guns andlisten to Bob Marley Who is X? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 12. BOUTROS BOUTROS GHALI 13. 6 What connectsDerived somethingfrom the Latin for a hundred steps MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 14. TEMPERATURE SCALESCELCIUS( CENTIGRADE)- a hundred steps LORD KELVIN FAHRENHEIT 15. 7What rather unfortunatedistinction do thesemovies share?? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 16. LOWEST EVER IMDB RATINGS 17. 8Francis Lee, the then chairman, spotting an old woman struggling tocross Claremont Road with two heavy bags of shopping. Lee stoppedhis car and wound down the window. "Can you manage, love?" heasked."Bloody hell, dont tell me youre fed up with Alan Ball already," theold lady shouted back. "Ill come if youre desperate but I insist on athree-year contract.What club?? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 18. MANCHESTER CITY 19. 9which city has the following landmarks: Archie Goodwin International Airport Robinson Park Robert Kane Memorial Bridge Miller Harbour The West-Ward Bridge MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 20. GOTHAM 21. 10The technical name for this musical instrument is X-forte, meaning soft-loud in Italian. Most commonly though it isreferred to only as X.What musical instrument???MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 22. PIANO 23. 11Flag for a party whose nametranslates toMovement for Justice.Who heads it???MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 24. IMRAN KHANTEHREEK E INSAAF = movement for justice 25. 12The word is derived from the combination of the Old Norse wordfor colour and the name of a lichen growing in northern Europe.This lichen was used to dye wool and other textiles. This later founduse in another specific application. Identify.Hint: the question is intended to be something of an acid testMOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 26. LITMUS 27. 13 WestTexas Intermediate- USASaharan Blend-Algeria Girassol-Angola Minas-Indonesia Basra Light-Iraq Es Sider- Libya Bonny Light-Nigeria Arab Light-Saudi ArabiaMurban-EmiratesBCF 17 -Venezuela ______-Europe/UK MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 28. BRENTCRUDE OIL VARIETIES THAT ARE PRICINGSTANDARDS 29. 14Any body suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation.Any body passing through solid matter will leave a perforation conforming to its perimeter.Any violent rearrangement of feline matter is impermanent.A body will contort and stay contorted to any hole that is smaller than it.The 4 Laws of ______ _______MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 30. CARTOON PHYSICS 31. 15The Sound Sweep is a story by J G Ballard set in a futuristic worldwhere waste noise is collected and disposed by the use of a sonovac.Mangon, who is the title character, finds former opera singer MadameGiaconda hiding in an abandoned radio station. She wishes to singagain, but there are no takers for her music.All music is being composed & stored in ultrasonic media and theresno demand for audible music.This story inspired musician Trevor Horn to create what? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 32. VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR BY THE BUGGLES 33. 16 Blossom the cow. Exhibit at a London Museum. What first in the world of medicine??MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 34. BLOSSOM THE COW WAS THE SOURCE OFCOWPOX FOR EDWARD JENNERS VACCINE 35. 17 Who???MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 36. EDWIN LUTYENSTHE DOME IS OF RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN 37. 18Greta Oto is a species of butterfly, known in Spanish as espejitos meaning LittleMirrors.It is commonly known as the________ Butterfly.Fill in the blanks MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 38. GLASSWING 39. 19 Poster for a musical titled ______- The Marco Polo musical What has been blanked out ??? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 40. XANADU 41. 20 Absolut tribute to whom???MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 42. DALI 43. 21 The name literally means one who is ready to sacrifice his life for the cause. They were a group operating variously on the Afghanistan silk road and then in Iran and Syria from the 8th to the 13th centuries. The exact foundation date of the sect is usually taken to be 1090 when Hasan-i Sabbah captured a mountain stronghold at Alamut, about one hundred miles from present-day Tehran. They would kidnap caravan guards and drug them, then take them back to Alamut, which was famed for its lovely gardens. Plied with hashish, which is forbidden in Islam, the young men would be placed in the lovely gardens with plenty of food and compliant virgins. The young men were subsequently convinced they were in Paradise and told they could return there if they did the bidding of Sabbah. Visual from a similarly named group from Dune on the next slideMOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 44. FIDAYEEN 45. 22 This gentleman was stopped by the immigration authorities while moving to the States. He was asked what his profession was, to which he replied, I am a producer. Then he was asked what he produced, to which his reply was gooseflesh. He is also known to have said about television- "Television has brought back murder into the home - where it belongs." Who? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 46. HITCHCOCK 47. 23 The Swahili for there are no worries is Hakuna Matata What song by a legendary group takes its name from a saying of the Yoruba tribe that means Life goes on. It has also been incorporated ( lets make that mutilated beyond belief) in a Subhash Ghai movie from the 1990s.MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 48. O BLA DI O BLA DA BY THE BEATLESTHE SUBASH GHAI MOVIE IS PARDES 49. 24 What is being depicted in this map??MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 50. SOURCING OF COMPONENTS FOR BUILDING THEAIRBUS A380 All roads lead to Toulouse in this case 51. 25What was described as follows - "Its like putting out acigarette with both feet, and wiping your bottom with atowel, to the beat of the music."MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 52. THE TWISTALL HAIL CHUBBY CHECKER 53. 26 Identify the actor and who he/she is portrayingMOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 54. CATE BLANCHETT AS BOB DYLAN 55. 27The beer earned the nickname X atthe time when Cote dIvoirequalified for the 2006 World Cup.In the proceeding celebrations, Xwas seen turning down champagneand other similar style of drinks infavour of a 1 Litre Bock. Thispublic endorsement of the beer wasrecognised by the local populationand the beer earned its namesake. MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 56. DROGBA 57. 28X by Mark Knopfler Shes going shopping shopping for shoes She wants them in magenta and caribbean blue Platinum and buttercup lilac and black They fill a bucket up and laugh behind her back X baby X baby what to do All the poor people saying that they gotta quit paying for you In New York and Paris on the Champs Elyse They see her coming from a long long way They clap their hands together when they get her in the store Shes gonna wanna get more more more and more and more X baby X baby what to do All the poor people saying that they gotta quit paying for youWho is X??? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 58. IMELDA MARCOS 59. 29Chancellor of the King ofEgypt, Doctor, First in line after theKing of Upper Egypt, Administrator ofthe Great Palace, Hereditarynobleman, High Priest ofHeliopolis, Builder, ChiefCarpenter, Chief Sculptor, and Makerof Vases in Chief- _______.Most of us would have heard his namein the context of a series of movies. MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 60. IMHOTEP 61. 30In 1960, an experimental Rolex Deepsea special was used.In 2012, another Rolex model wasattached to a robotic manipulator arm.Where was this being done?? MOSTLY HARMLESS -22nd APril- Suraj 62. CHALLENGER DEEP MARIANA TRENCHATTACHED TO THE VEHICLE USED BY JAMES CAMERON 63. 31 But were it to my fancy given To rate her charms, Id call them heaven; For though a mortal made of clay, Angels must love ___ _______ She hath a way so to control, To rapture the imprisoned soul, And sweetest heaven on earth display, That to be heaven ___ ______ She