Mobile Security: Apps are our digital lives.

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<ol><li> 1. Why Should I Care About Mobile Security Jasmine Noel, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mobile </li><li> 2. Agenda Why are cyber attackers interested in your mobiledevices? How can my device be hacked? How can I protect myself?2 </li><li> 3. What mobile apps did you use to get to work today?Alarm/ClockWeatherTransportation/ Traffic3 </li><li> 4. You are not alone!46B mobile apps downloaded in 2012 Gartner12017 more app downloads than stars400B stars in our galaxy1 </li><li> 5. Top Traffic/Transportation Apps 60% have location permissions or monitor my devices location 46% interact with other types of Sensitive Data26% have access to my contactsAnalysis conducted by Veracode Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS) 5 </li><li> 6. </li><li> 7. My Apps are My Digital Life </li><li> 8. </li><li> 9. </li><li> 10. But Ive never lost my phone! </li><li> 11. How Attacks Can HappenMY BANK APPExport dataOTHER APP ServicesMY OTHER APPStored transaction numberBANK ServicesRead SMS logsNo control over how or if this data is used </li><li> 12. How Attacks Can HappenCheck for updatesMalicious Code ServersInstall rootkit exploitsMY COOL APP Secretly become a super user </li><li> 13. </li><li> 14. Application Passwords DODO NOTUse at least one special characterNo words found in a dictionaryUse at least one numberFamily names, birth city, sports teams or guessable wordsTry using password generators and vaultsP@ssw0rd Veracode!Guessable words with changed letters </li><li> 15. </li><li> 16. </li><li> 17. </li><li> 18. Summary Why are cyber attackers interested in your mobile devices? Your phone is a digital representation of your life If attackers can mimic your life they can put your identity and your workplace at risk How can my device be hacked? Theft Risky apps How can I protect myself &amp; kids? Lock your phone Use non-guessable passwords Beware of free apps Always check app permissions18 </li><li> 19. For more graphics and stats:</li></ol>