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  • 1. Mobile MashupsCristobal Viedma

2. Mobile Internet 3. "Within 5 years mobile devices will becomethe number one gate to access the Internet" Morgan Stanley 4. Web Mashups 5. Long tail theory 6. Tools 7. "Too complicated for casual users, notpowerful enough for professionals"Random commentatorat 8. What is a Mashup? 9. Mashed potatoesInspired by Monzy, 10. Music MashupInspired by Monzy, 11. Web MashupInspired by Monzy, 12. MashupIngredients Tools IdeaMashupInspired by Monzy, 13. Components of a Mashup 14. Chicago crime 15. Chicago crime (with CS glasses) 16. Mashups components 17. Types 18. Types of MashupsData ConsumerBusiness 19. Data MashupsCombine many sourcesof similar types into asingle representation 20. Data Mashups 21. Consumer MashupsCombine manysources of differenttypes into a visualrepresentation 22. Consumer Mashups 23. Business MashupsSimilar to consumerwith the aim to solve abusiness problem 24. Business Mashups 25. Mashups components 26. Service Providers 27. APIs 28. Open VS API 29. Terms of Service"4(e): You will not, without our express prior writtenapproval, use any Product Advertising Content on or inconnection with any site or application designed orintended for use with a mobile phone or otherhandheld device."Amazon product advertising API 30. Private VS Public Dataprivate e- mails, pictures, etcShare the password? 31. OAuthMany luxury cars come with a valet key. It is a special key you give the parking attendant and unlike your regular key, will only allow the car to be driven a shortdistance while blocking access to the trunk and the on-board cell phone. Regardless of the restrictions thevalet key imposes, the idea is very clever. You give someone limited access to your car with a specialkey, while using another key to unlock everything else. 32. OAuth 33. Some APIsWeb scraping 2900+ Apis 34. Class workMake groups of 2-3 personsWhat novel Mobile Mashups can youthink of?Which Web Services could you use?How will these Mashups be used and inwhich context? 35. Mashups components 36. Protocols 37. Protocols 38. RESTREpresentational State Transfer On top of HTTP Based on ResourcesBasic methods: CRUDStateless 39. REST 40. REST 41. Mashups components 42. Data formats 43. Many of them...TXTTeXTCSVComma Separated ValueXMLeXtensible Mark-up LanguageRSSReally Simple SyndicationGeoRSS Geographical RSSATOM Atom Syndication FormatKMLKeyhole Markup LanguageHTML HyperText Markup LanguageJSON Javascript Object NotationYAML Recursive acronym for "YAML Aint Markup Language" 44. XML 45. XML overhead M. Tian, T. Voigt, T. Naumowicz, H. Ritter, and J. Schiller, "Performance considerations for mobile web services," Elsevier Computer Communications Journal, vol. 27, pp. 1097-1105, 2003. 46. JSON 10x faster parser Smaller messages Maps into JS objects Extra: JSONP! 47. Mashups components 48. Architectures 49. ArchitecturesServer basedClient basedMobile 50. Server based 51. Client based 52. Comparison 53. Mobile 54. Mashups components 55. Mobile Interface 56. Native VS WebNative Mashups Web Mashups Immersive user experience Easy and cheap to create and maintainDevelopers can use known Access to OS and all the hardwaretechnologies, tools and techniques Easier to discover, centralized AppEasy to publish: There is no need tostoresinstall any software No need to update the software: cloud Easier to scale upbasedData more confidential when remainsApps stores review processes no on the phoneneededFaster and offline mode support 57. Web tools 58. Native Web Apps 59. Summary 60. Reference framework 61. Examples 62. Telar 63. Telar Architecture 1 64. Telar Architecture 2 65. Telar Mashup ID 66. SoundSquare 67. SoundSquare 68. Antipodes 69. Antipodes 70. Thank you!