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Mobile Advertising: Small Screen, Big Opportunity

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Text of Mobile Advertising: Small Screen, Big Opportunity

  • MOBILE ADVERTISINGSmall Screen Big Opportunity

  • Coming UpWhat Is Mobile Advertising?Cold, Hard FactsDriversWhats Out ThereAnd Even More IdeasThe Future

  • What Is Mobile Advertising?What they say:Mobile advertising is a form of advertising via mobile (wireless) phones or other mobile devices WikipediaMobile advertising involves displaying text, graphic image and animated ads on data enabled mobile devices koeppeldirect

  • What Is Mobile Advertising?What I say:Advertising on a mobile device

  • What Is Mobile Advertising?

  • What Is Mobile Advertising?Meaningful Mobile Advertising is all about context:

    The relationship between mobile advertising and social media

    WhereWhenWhoWhatWhere am I?Is the offer on?Do I eat pizza?

  • What Is Mobile Advertising?Multiple needs and objectives:New tool for brands and advertisers to reach new customers and target specific audiencesConnectivity promotes marketing successBuild customer databaseLifestyle integrationGenerate buzz

  • What Is Mobile Advertising?Multiple needs and objectives:Content more likely to be read than emailPersonalization, immediacy, interactivity = increased response ratesCreative opportunities

  • What Is Mobile Advertising?Why Mobile Advertising?

  • Cold, Hard FactsSince 2009, the global usage of mobile devices for internet access has doubledIndia is expected to become the second largest smartphone market by 2014Mobile internet users spend more than half of their web usage time on mobileMobile web traffic (smartphone and tablet) is 61%

  • Cold, Hard FactsMobile advertising has overtaken classified advertising in 2014Mobile advertising is growing six times faster than desktop internetAd spending has not caught up with time spentMobile ad spend = 3%

  • Cold, Hard FactsMobile Internet Ad Spending WorldwideIn billion $ and % change

  • Cold, Hard FactsMobile Ad Revenue Distribution 2013

  • Cold, Hard FactsiOS is the leader average eCPM = $1.64Android average eCPM =$ 0.88Windows Phone average eCPM = $ 0.20No other significant players yet

  • Cold, Hard FactsInfluence of mobile ads

  • Cold, Hard FactsAfter seeing mobile ads users

  • Cold, Hard Facts What the facts tell us:Mobile ad spend is growing fastThere are multiple avenues in mobile adsUsers demand and expect a simple, secure, and seamless experienceEvolving standards

  • DriversUsabilityExtreme ease of use and getting betterMinimal learning curve rapid upgrades and adoptionEasy access to advanced featuresIncredible range of applicationsVery high baseline

  • DriversConnectivityIntegrated high-speed connectivityNo longer a featureHigh expectation changing behaviorLow/lower costs

  • DriversGeo-locationTight integrationLowered sensitivityFacilitates personalization

  • Whats Out ThereSMS and MMS AdsThe original mobile ad!Niche market, still widely usedMostly ineffective, intrusiveStill responsible for a majority of marketing spendMMS allows for more creativity andbetter content

  • Whats Out ThereBanner and display AdsUsually clickableInterstitial, video, graphicalGrowing fastFacilitate content reuse (TV ads)

  • Whats Out ThereClick-To-Call AdsContact advertiser/merchant immediatelyClear ROIConvenient takes advantage of phoneFacilitates feedback and testing of messaging/Ads

  • Whats Out ThereSocial Media AdsUser actions can become branding and marketing messagesOver 1.3 billion active Facebook usersAbout 1 billion Facebook users are monthly mobile usersTwitter integrates geographic targetingPromoted Tweets get amplified

  • Whats Out ThereAugmented RealityHuge differentiatorPhysical and digital worlds meetHuge opportunity = by 2016, the AR revenue is expected tocross $600 billionCreative, line burring solutions

  • Whats Out ThereBranding AppsCreate engagement with the brandExpand the brands mind shareDemonstrate and expose users to new ideas or features Sustainable

  • Whats Out ThereBranding Apps

    Show & TellAxeRange of engagement apps and smart phone supportAxe Twist Roulette Axe Virtual PeepholesAxe Dare

  • About Extentia and iXtentiaEstablished in 1998, Extentia is a global technology consulting organization that delivers solutions to clients in 5 continents. With strong technical skills in Microsoft and open source technologies, Extentia has experience across multiple sectors including education, travel, healthcare and finance. Its much acclaimed Design Studio is a graphics design and UI group that actively supports a multi-skilled software development team. Extentia has offices in India, the United States, the UAE, and the

    iXtentia is a division of Extentia that focuses on Apple, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other mobile technologies. It also offers consulting for mobile strategy and marketing. Several iXtentia applications for the iPhone /iPad are listed among the top 200 on the Apple App|

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