Millennials and the American Dream

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Millennials & the New American Dream

A Survey Commissioned by ZipcarJanuary 2014[ # ]# confidentialDriving Deeper: The Millennials SurveyOnline survey of 1,009 adultsAges 18 and over, including 965 licensed driversConducted between December 5 and 8, 2013Break out by age segments:18-34 years old: 306 Millennials35-44 years old: 13945-54 years old: 226 55 years old or more: 338# confidential2013 Key FindingsMillennials are less materialistic than they are given credit for with six in ten Millennials say that experiences are more important to them than material possessions (61%)Millennials have similar values to those in older generations, even if they believe otherwise with seven in ten Millennials believing their American Dream is different from that of their parents (71%).Millennials and their older counterparts are equally likely to say that experiences are more important for them than possessions right now (Millennials 61% vs. 62% of those 35+).Equal percentages of Millennials and those over age 35 say they are more likely to give back to the community by making sustainable choices than in other ways (Millennials 32% vs. 30% of those 35+).Millennials value their mobile phones over their cars, TVs, and computers/tablets. They are the only age group that would be more negatively impacted by giving up a mobile phone than by giving up a carTraditional influences, like the high cost of car ownership and environmental concerns of driving, are compelling many Millennials to drive lessMillennials take advantage of technology more than older generations to help them make sustainable choices include transportation apps have reducing their driving frequency (Millennials 24% vs. 15% for those 35+).Millennials are significantly more apt to say that social networking has allowed them to reduce the number of times they drive to see friends and, instead, socialize online or through texts (43% Millennials vs. 32% of those 35+).

# confidentialMillennials Prefer Experiences over Possessions

At this moment, which of the following is more important for YOU PERSONALLY?# confidential4Important Pieces of the American Dream

The most important piece of my American Dream is...% By age group

# confidential

Differing Definitions of the American DreamPlease indicate to what extent you agree with the following statement: My definition of the American Dream is different from that of my parents.# confidential6

Cost Of Car Ownership A Key Barrier

In todays economy, it can be difficult for me to own a car because of the high cost of gas, parking and maintenance. % Agree of Licensed Drivers By age group# confidential7

Reduction in Driving

In the past year, I have consciously made an effort to reduce how much I drive, and instead take public transportation, bike/walk or carpool when possible.% Agree# confidential8

Protecting the Environment

I want to protect the environment, so I drive less% Agree# confidential9

Transportation Options

If there were more options in my area, such as public transportation, car sharing or convenient carpooling, I would drive less than I do now.% Agree(Licensed drivers only)# confidential10In your daily routine, losing which piece of technology would have the greatest negative impact on you? Transportation Apps

To what extent does the availability of transportation apps (i.e. taxi apps, car rental reservations, public transportation info, car sharing, ride sharing, etc.) make it easier to live without owning a car?% By age group% Reduced (NET)24%20%23%9%Asked 2013# confidential Technology Wins Again

In your daily routine, losing which piece of technology would have the greatest negative impact on you? % By age group

CarComputer/TabletTVMobile phone# confidentialA New Way of Socializing

With access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, text messaging and online gaming, I sometimes choose to spend time with friends online instead of driving to see them.% Agree(Licensed drivers only)# confidential13