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2. The Media Life Perspective
We live IN media not with it.
There is no life outside of media.
There is no way to make sense of yourself outside of media.
3. In the media life perspective, since we dont have to worry about the distinction between biology and technology, were free to focus on determining what a good, responsible, beautiful media life looks like. Mark Deuze
4. Media Life: The point of it all
Pick your reality
5. Some media life basics
6. 7. society centric vs. media-centric explanations of media life
8. Media are infrastructures with three components: the artifacts or devices used to communicate or convey information, the activities and practices in which people engage to communicate or share information, and the social arrangements or organizational forms that develop around those devices and practices.
9. 10. Natural user interfaces
11. In a media life: we are the media
12. Media using is media making: User Generated Content (UGC)
13. The audience (co-)creates and the industry responds
14. Crossmedia storytelling: telling the SAME STORY LINE across multiple media platforms
15. Transmedia storytelling: Each media platform contributes PART of the whole story line
16. Media use as free labor
17. 18. 19. Convergence Culture: An Industry Based on Emotional Capital
20. The media industry appeals to our emotions, draws us in and allows us to work for them while making us more loyal consumers/participants.
21. Internet Access by Race
22. Internet Access by Income
Days of internet use per week
23. Internet Access by Age
Days of internet use per week
24. key issues
motivational access
25. Participation gap
The unequal access to opportunities, experiences, skills, and knowledge that prepares people for full participation in a media life.
26. 27. 28. We create different versions of ourselves

  • Social media help us create and manage those

versions so someone else doesnt do it for us

  • Gender is also part of our identity