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  • 1. REVIEWS - Microsoft Excel Mac 2008ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureAnalyze, share, and manage your data, and easilyqcreate persuasive charts and thought-provokinggraphs for powerful results--see your data in awhole new wayLedger Sheets in Excel 2008 make trackingqfinances, inventories, even invoices and portfolioseasy with preformulated spreadsheets andautomatic calculationsPrebuilt functions tackle the most common tasksqand make creating error-free complex conditionalformulas easierNow supports over 16,000 columns and over 1qmillion rows; Quick access to formulas withFormula BuilderFormula AutoComplete simplifies your calculationsqby providing a dynamic pop-up menu so you canselect and complete your formulaRead moreqProduct DescriptionMicrosoft Excel Mac 2008, Full, Standalone. English DVD Read moreProduct DescriptionShow them the money. Use compelling charts and graphs to show stakeholders what you mean at a glance.With Excel 2008 for Mac, everyone from beginners to professional number crunchers can quickly creategreat-looking financial reports.

2. Discover modern ways to communicate with powerful chart templates and tools, 3D effects, transparency, and softshadows.Building ChartsTell Your Story, EffectivelyDesign your data to tell the story you want to tell--and make the impact your ideas deserve. Discover modernways to communicate with powerful chart templates and tools, 3D effects, transparency, and soft shadows.See & Grab Design StylesIn no time, beginners and pros alike build visually-persuasive charts and thought-provoking graphs using thehigh-quality design layouts and styles that are always within easy reach via Excels expandable and collapsibleElements Gallery.Share the Love across OfficeInsert your great-looking chart into a PowerPoint presentation or Word proposal for a rich, consistent,high-quality look-and-feel to all your professional communications. Beautiful Excel chart options can beintegrated across all of Office.Formulas & GridsA Beginners Best FriendCreate a little spreadsheet magic without having to remember formulas. Open the Excel Toolbox, and gethelpful step-by-step instructions how to build any formula from your Formula Builder.Formula Auto-CompleteSave time typing. Power users and beginners alike can input calculations without knowing their exact names.Start typing and a list displays functions, definitions, and structure references that match your text. Continuetyping and the list narrows dynamically to the best selection.Big Grid, Big PotentialPower users will love exploring massive amounts of data within a single sheet. Beginners can create logs thatgo on for days. Compatible with Excel 2007, Excel for Mac 2008 sheets now support more than 1 million rowsand 16 thousand columns each. 3. Utilize the high-quality design layouts and styles that are always within easy reach via Excels Elements Gallery.Excels powerful, pre-defined formulas, data import tools, and new helpful layouts will guide you through whatyou need to do.Ledger SheetsFocus on You, Not MathYou just want to balance your budget, track your inventory, or manage your investments--not memorize abunch of formulas. Beginners can easily use Excel with little training, thanks to pre-formulated worksheets.Know What to Do, NaturallyBelieve it or not, youll be creating financial management worksheets for home and work with ease. Excelspowerful, pre-defined formulas, data import tools, and new helpful layouts will guide you through what youneed to do.Custom-finish with EaseStart with fully-customizable Ledger Sheets designed for invoicing, bill-paying, household budgets, and payroll.Beginners to pros can easily customize at will--to keep on top of each persons totally unique financial picture.All across Office 2008See What You Want, Pull It InBuild great-looking documents in no time with building blocks from the Elements Gallery. Spot what you want,select it, and drop it in for fantastic-looking newsletters, presentations, and financial reports.Turn Data DynamicGet ideas noticed in SmartArt charts, tables, maps and diagrams that transfer easily between Officeapplications and across platforms. Build instant diagrams from simple lists, with no drawing required.The Right Tool at Your FingertipsYou wont need to be a scholar to work with bibliographies using Words Citations tool. Even Excel novices willbuild complex equations with Formula Builder. And everyone from 4th graders to CEOs will easily bringpresentations to life with PowerPoints Custom Animation tool. Read moreYou May Also LikeMicrosoft Excel 2008 for Mac Quick Source Guide 4. Excel 2008 for Mac: Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts -Laminated Cards)


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